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Two APHA Oral Health members received awards during the 2017 APHA Annual Meeting held Nov.4 -8 in Atlanta.

Dr. Howard Pollick received the John W. Knutson Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Claudia A. Serna received the Anthony Westwater Jong Memorial Community Dental Health Post-Professional Award

Congratulations to you both on your awards!

Two APHA Oral Health members received awards during the 2016 APHA Annual Meeting held Oct. 29-Nov. 2 in Denver.

Dr. Larry Hill received the  in Dental Public Health.
Dr. Harry Goodman received the Milton and Ruth Roemer Prize for Creative Local Public Health Work .

During the 2015 APHA Annual Meeting, leaders in dentistry and public health joined together to launch the Canada-United States Chapter of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future. Read more about it here.

Campaign for Dental Health Acknowledges The American Public Health Association Salute to Fluoridation
According to the Campaign for Dental Health, the 2015 APHA Annual Meeting in Chicago from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, 2015 prominently featured community water fluoridation. In addition to eight sessions and four posters on the topic, the meeting opened with the video Fluoridated Water – Tap Into It! from Then, Kathy Lituri, RDH, MPH, Past Chair of the APHA Oral Health Section, addressed the entire assembly, stating:

  • Every local and state health department and health professional organizations must have credible information about fluoridation on their websites.
  • Every school of public health and schools of nursing, dentistry, medicine, and social work must provide credible information to their students, faculty and staff and on their websites.
  • All of us must education our neighbors, community leaders, and policymakers about the benefits of fluoridation.

She closed by challenging listeners to include community water fluoridation in all health policy. Watch the video of Kathy Lituri’s presentation.

Oral Health Section member Amos Deinard MD, MPH named, "Minnesota pediatrician a hero for kids' dental health." Read his interview.

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