APHA Liaison: Linda Rae Murray

Awards: Peter Dooley and Chrissy Morgan

Communications/Website: Amber Mitchell, Maggie Robbins and Amber Novey

Industrial Hygiene: Jenny Leigh Houlroyd, Elise Pechter and Homero Harari

Membership: Emma Tsui and Miriam Weil

Nominations: John Morawetz

Occupational Health Disparities Institute: Amy Liebman and Kerry Souza

Policy and Advocacy: Mary E. Miller, Celeste Monforton and Marianne Sullivan

Program Planning: Elgin Avila, Elizabeth Kim, Miriam Weil and Kerri Wizner

Rising Occupational Health Leaders: Gabriella Villacis, Mary Kathryn (MK) Fletcher, Tessa Bonney and Jane Thomason

Scholarship: Sarah Jacobs and A. Carli Richie-Zavaleta

Social Media Coordinators: Amy Liebman

Student Assembly Liaison: Tessa Bonney

Young Workers: Mary E. Miller and Diane Bush

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