Each year, our Section gives out awards to section members who have made outstanding contributions to public health statistics. Additionally, our section also sponsors the prestigious Spiegelman Award.

Spiegelman Award

Demographer, actuary and biostatistician Mortimer Spiegelman (1901-1969) made exceptional contributions to public health statistics. His contributions have continued posthumously through the Mortimer Spiegelman Award of the APHA Statistics Section, presented annually since 1970 to an outstanding public health statistician under age 40. The distinction associated with the Award has increased over time with the extraordinary continuing accomplishments of its recipients. The Award serves three purposes:

  • To honor the outstanding achievements of the recipient and Mortimer Spiegelman.
  • To encourage further involvement in public health of the finest young statisticians.
  • To increase awareness of APHA and the Applied Public Health Statistics Section in the academic statistical community.

The Award is presented annually at the APHA meetings by the previous recipient of the Award.

To learn more about the nomination procedure and who qualifies for this honor, please read our Spiegelman Award Procedures Manual.