Who We Are


The mission of the Applied Public Health Statistics Section of APHA is to promote sound statistical practice in public health. The application of appropriate statistical methods by public health professionals and policymakers optimizes the allocation of limited public health resources. The Section accomplishes this mission through:

  1. Advocating sound statistical reasoning in the science and practice of public health
  2. Supporting the use of statistics to guide public health policy.
  3. Working to advance the role and influence of statistical professionals at the local, state and national levels.
  4. Educating public health professionals and the general public about the critical role of statistics in public health.
  5. Training public health professionals in new and existing statistical methods; and encouraging the development of new statistical methods appropriate for public health research and practice.

Specifically, the Applied Public Health Statistics Section:

  1. Provides a multi-disciplinary forum for scientific and public exchanges of views on statistical issues.
  2. Works closely with other sections and affiliates in APHA interested in statistics.
  3. Develops and promotes within the Association policy statements on key issues in statistics.
  4. Serves as advocate for the development and recognition of sound approaches in statistics.
  5. Mobilizes interest and encourages debate on public health statistics problems.