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The Carl S. Shultz Award for Lifetime Achievement

This award honors individuals who have made an outstanding lifetime contribution to the field of population and reproductive health. It is named for Carl S. Shultz, a pediatrician and public servant who was instrumental in the creation and implementation of the federal family planning program, commonly known as Title X. At the first meeting of our Section in 1976, Shultz proposed the establishment of this award. Sadly, he died soon after, and Section members decided to honor his memory by naming the award for him. Awardees comprise an honor roll of the field of reproductive health in the US and around the world.

1977 Christopher Tietze 1999
Jacqueline Darroch, Jorge Villareal
1978 Fred Jaffe, Carl Tyler 2000
Malcolm Potts
1979 Ward Cates, Leslie Corsa, Rei Ravenholt 2001
Henry David, Deborah Maine
1980 Karen Mulhauser, Jeannie Rosoff 2002
Susan Newcomer, Warren Hern
1981 Jack Kanter, Melvin Zelnik 2003
Laurie Schwab Zabin
1982 Gerald Clinton, Julia Henderson, Joseph Speidel 2004
Philip Darney
1983 Oscar Harkavy 2005
Robert Hatcher, James Trussell
1984 Henry Waxman 2006
Stanley Henshaw
1985 Samuel Wishik 2007
James D. Shelton, Beverly Winikoff
1986 Wendy Baldwin, Irvin Cushner 2008
Marie Harvey, Jill Sheffield
1987 Anne Firth Murray 2009
George Tiller
1988 Al Moran 2010
Amy Tsui
1989 Phyllis Piotrow 2011
Francine Coeytaux
1990 David Grimes 2012
John Santelli
1991 Louise Tyrer 2013
Elizabeth Maguire
1992 Joy Dryfoos 2014
Claire D. Brindis
1993 Roger Rochat 2015
Judith Helzner
1994 Frances Kissling 2016
Nap Hosang
1995 Allan Rosenfield 2017
Perry Halkitis
1996 Timothy Wirth 2018
Leslie Kantor
1997 Felicia Stewart 2019
Nancy Pendarvis Harris
1998 Jack Smith 2020
James F. Phillips

The Felicia Stewart Advocacy Award

This award is dedicated to the memory of Felicia Stewart and her vision, commitment, leadership and advocacy in our field. Stewart's career included serving as deputy assistant secretary of population affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and as co-director of the Bixby Center for Reproductive Health Research and Policy at the University of California, San Francisco. The award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to advocacy on behalf of reproductive health and rights.

2007 Wendy Chavkin, Lois Uttley 2014
Marlene Gerber Fried
2008 Tracy Weitz 2015
Stanley Henshaw
2009 Jennifer Frost 2016
Willie J. Parker
2010 Laurie Rubiner 2017
Susie Baldwin
2011 Susan Stone 2018
Abigail Aiken
2012 Beth Raymond 2019
Whitney Rice
2013  Dan Grossman 2020
Beth Fredrick

The Outstanding Young Professional Award

This award honors individuals who deserve recognition early in their careers because of their professional accomplishments, initiative and dedication to the field, especially to the work of the Section.

1994 Geri Lynn Peak 2008
Destiny Lopez
1995 Amy Haselton 2009
Angel M. Foster
1997 Barbara Sugland 2010
Jenny Higgins
1998 Margaret E. Greene 2011
Diana Greene Foster
1999 Susanna Binzen 2012
Alesha Doan
2000 Joseph Winchester Brown 2013
Vanessa Schick
2001 Julie Pulerwitz 2014
Kelli Stidham Hall, Kristen N. Jozkowski
2002 Jennifer Hirsch 2015
Sarah Roberts
2003 Leslie Kantor 2016
Elham Hassen, Lauren Ralph
2004 Lawrence Finer 2017
Anu Manchikanti Gómez
2005 Silvia Henriquez 2018
Nicole Cushman
2006 Kelly Blanchard 2019
Jenn Gunter, Lisa Knudson
2007  Tara Shochet 2020
Suchi Bansal, Susannah Gibbs

Additional Section Awards

Each year, the SRH Section also recognizes exceptional students in the SRH field with scholarships to defray the costs of participating in the annual conference as well as SRH-related poster presentations characterized by excellence in research, clarity of presentation, potential impacts of results, and innovativeness of approach. Details about the application processes for the SRH Student Scholarship Awards and SRH Poster Awards become available in late summer.