Contact Us / Leadership

For leadership contact information, log into APHA Connect using your member credentials.

If you would like more information about the activities of the Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section, please contact the following members:

General questions: Daniel Gallego (Section Chair)

For more information about our student members: Malik Tiedt

Elected Positions

Section Chair: Daniel Gallego (11/2020-11/2022)
Section Chair-Elect: Isabel Roth
Secretary: Jennifer Noborikawa
Immediate Past Chair: Deborah Hughes Ndao
ISC Steering Committee Member: S. Prasad Vinjamury
Governing Council Members: Beth Sommers and Anita Rangaswami
Student Assembly Liaison: Malik Tiedt

Section Councilors: Dawn Upchurch, Isabel Roth, Angelica Rusilowski, Nasim Bahadorani, Babara M. Wesson, Claudia Joy Wingo.

Appointed Non-Elected Committee Membership Positions

Membership Committee Co-Chairs: Malik Tiedt and Jenni Shafer
Student Membership Sub-Committee Chair: Malik Tiedt
Mentorship Sub-Committee Chair: Manoj Sharma & Bei-Hung Chang

Nomination Committee Chair: Anita Rangaswami

Awards Committee Co-Chairs: Anupama Kizhakkeveettil & Deborah Hughes Ndao
International Membership Chair: Jon Adams
Membership Committee Members: LaDonna May-Barnes; Hans Eugene; Imani Walcott; Dulce Ruelas

Communications Committee Chair: Jennifer Noborikawa
Newsletter Sub-Committee: Beth Sommers, Jennifer Noborikawa, Angelica Rusilowski, Nassim Bahadorani
Social Media Coordinators: Jennifer Noborikawa & Isabel Roth
APHA Connect Moderator: Jennifer Noborikawa & Daniel Gallego-Perez
Website Editor: Jennifer Noborikawa
Booth Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: Beth Sommers & Jeonhee Jang
Communications Committee Members: Jeonhee Jang, Heather Guidone, Alverina Clay

Education & Practice Committee Co-Chairs: Nassim Bahadorani, Barbara Wesson, Beth Sommers
Well-inars Co-Chairs: Beth Sommers & Claudia Wingo
National Public Health Week Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: Barbara Wesson & Dana Garfin
Wellness Center Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: Nasim Bahadorani & Katherine Smith
Education & Practice Committee Members and Practitioners: Peter Giacobbi, Anita Rangaswami, LaDonna May-Barnes; Alverina Clay; Hans Eugene; Bonnie Loghry; Karie Gaska; Gwendolyn Francavillo; Tamsin Lee; Eileen Terchiak; Kelly McDermott; Dulce Ruelas; Rosemary Hanrahan; Jordan Fournier; Dawn Upchurch; Angelica Rusilowski, Donica Beckett, Pauline Brooks, Suzie Carmack, Suzanne Kennedy, Trushna Nadig, Anita Rangaswami

Policy Committee Co-Chairs: S. Prasad Vinjamury and Marita LaMonica
APHA's Action Board Section Delegate: S. Prasad Vinjamury
Internal Section's Policies and Process Sub-Committee: Deborah Hughes Ndao
Policy Committee Members: Alison Whitehead, Kelly McDermott, Anita Rangaswami, Beth Sommers, Bei-Hung Chang, Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Heather Carrie, Beth Rosenthal, Tabatha Parker, John Wardle, Peter James, Deborah Hughes Ndao, Jennifer Contreras, D'Shane Barnett, Jordan Fournier

Program Committee Co-Chairs: John Finnell and Alison Whitehead

Finance and Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs: Jeonhee Jang and Patrice W. Hallock
Treasurer: Kim Faurot
Finance and Fundraising Committee Members: Deborah Hughes Ndao, Michele Peralta, John Borneman, LaDonna May-Barnes