Preventing and Managing Chronic Musculoskeletal and Cardiovascular Diseases

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Feb 28 2017, 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM EST


A Healthy People 2020 Progress Review Webinar

This webinar features two Healthy People 2020 topic areas:

  • Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Chronic Back Conditions
  • Heart Disease and Stroke
  • You’ll also learn how the Y USA is working in communities to improve cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health. Find a complete list of presenters on the registration page.

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    About the Progress Review Topic Areas

    Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and stroke is the fifth leading cause of death. Together, heart disease and stroke — along with other cardiovascular diseases—are among the most widespread and costly health problems facing the Nation, accounting for approximately $320 billion in health care expenditures and related expenses each year.

    Arthritis, osteoporosis, and chronic back conditions have major effects on quality of life, the ability to work, and basic activities of daily living. Interventions that strengthen the musculoskeletal system may also enable people with other chronic conditions to be more physically active and improve their cardiovascular health.

    About Progress Review Webinars

    The Progress Review webinars focus on tracking and measuring the progress of select Healthy People 2020 objectives throughout the decade.

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