Uploading PowerPoint Presentations

To alleviate any on-site problems, Oral Session presentations must be uploaded in advance.

APHA suggests that presentations be made in PowerPoint. Reference the accessibility guidelines when creating your presentation.

If you are using materials in your presentation (pictures, charts, graphs, video, etc.) that are not original work, seek permission from the original source and cite the source.

How to Upload Your Presentation

  1. Log in to the Speaker's Corner and follow the instructions. A direct link to your personal Speaker's Corner can be found in your acceptance email.
  2. During the upload process, you will be asked for permission to record your presentation. PowerPoint and voice recordings are packaged and sold as RAMP (Recorded Annual Meeting Presentations). You do not have to be recorded. However, presentations must be uploaded in advance, even if you do not want to be recorded.
  3. Save a copy of your presentation on USB/flash drive to bring with you to the Annual Meeting in the event of technical difficulties.

File Types

  • Presentations should be 35 MB or less to upload in advance. Larger presentations should be uploaded on site in the Speaker Ready Room.
  • If your presentation has EMBEDDED audio or video files with .avi, .wmv, .wma, .mov, .mpeg, .mp3 file extensions, it can be uploaded online. Please notify Donna Wright if your presentation has embedded audio so we can request the necessary sound patch.
  • Video files must be compatible with Windows Media Player.
  • A DVD player can be ordered for an extra cost.
  • Videos used in presentations should be captioned.

If you did not submit your presentation in advance or have changes to make to your previously submitted presentation, take a saved copy of your presentation and report directly to the Speaker Ready Room at least 16 hours before the start of the session. You must use the Speaker Ready Room in the property where your presentation is taking place.

If you miss the 16 hour deadline due to a tight travel schedule stop by the Speaker Ready Room as soon as possible to receive instructions on how to upload your presentation.

Cartoon illustrating speakers rushing to the Speaker Ready Room