Frequently Asked Questions

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APHA 2020 Virtual

What do Annual Meeting registration fees cover?

Attendees will have live and on-demand access to more than 750 sessions, 250 posters and 60 roundtable presentations through August 2021! No longer do you have to select which of the 60+ concurrent sessions you want to attend. A virtual meeting provides greater value as you get access to all the content. As an added value, APHA is covering the cost of one CE discipline for every attendee, allowing you to earn up to 20.5 credit hours. Registration also includes direct access to exhibitors, planned networking opportunities and the chance to join in on some fun.

What time zone will be used for the virtual meeting?

All sessions and events are scheduled in Mountain Time. However, when you log in to the Virtual Meeting Platform, it will recognize what time zone you are in and will display all times in your local time. You can choose to view in Mountain Time or My Time from the left navigation bar.

How many people do you expect will participate in the meeting?

In a typical year, more than 12,000 people participate in the Annual Meeting and Expo. Hosting the event entirely online will allow more people than ever to have access.

When will the online program be available to view?

The full meeting program is available on the Virtual Meeting Platform. You can view the full list of sessions and events and browse by day, topic, and more. All live events are scheduled in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Use the time zone tool at the bottom of the left navigation pane to view the schedule in your local time.

What platform is APHA using to host the virtual conference?

All sessions and events are scheduled in the Virtual Meeting Platform. Live events will be held in Zoom. You must be logged into the Virtual Meeting Platform in order to access the Zoom sessions. The Virtual Expo will be hosted by a2z by Personify, also accessible through the Virtual Meeting Platform. You can view exhibitors without logging in, but to communicate directly with exhibitors, you must be logged in to the Virtual Expo.

How can I get help during the virtual meeting?

Virtual Meeting Platform or Zoom: Contact Confex Tech support at 401-334-0220

  • Tech support is available by phone Monday-Friday from 6:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Mountain Time
  • Leave feedback or request help online.
  • If an attendee requires Zoom support while in a session, they should send a direct message through the Zoom chat to the Confex Technician (identified by Zoom participant name).

ADA/Closed Captioning: Email

General Annual Meeting Support (APHA): Visit our Help Desk on the Virtual Meeting Platform.

How do I log in to the Virtual Meeting Platform?

Assess the Virtual Meeting Platform at The 'Sign In' button is in the top left corner and also in the left navigation bar. You will need your registration ID number and your email address to sign in. Once you’ve signed in once, the platform will remember you and you should not need to sign in again (unless you clear your browsing data).

I’m having trouble logging into the Virtual Meeting Platform. What can I do?
  1. Confirm that the email address and registration ID number you are using to log in match the information in your registration record. You can send yourself a copy of your confirmation by going to and clicking “Forgot my registration ID” 
  2. Check that your internet connection is stable (you will need at least 25 Mpbs).
  3. If your credentials are correct, but you still are not able to log in, contact Confex Tech Support at 401-334-0220, or leave feedback or request help online.
What opportunities are there for networking and engagement?

We have lots of fun activities planned for you. Learn more about the networking and engagement opportunities.

Membership groups and partner organizations are also holding business meetings and social hours providing the opportunity for attendees to network. Search by session type 'Business Meeting' or 'Social' to see a listing of these networking events.

How do I create a personal schedule?

Once you have signed into the Virtual Meeting Platform you can begin to build your schedule. Navigate to whatever session you are interested in attending and add it to your calendar by clicking the + sign. You can then view your calendar by clicking on the calendar icon on the top menu bar. You can also favorite and event by clicking on the star icon.

How do I find my session in the Virtual Meeting Platform?

Use the left navigation to search by presenter, program, APHA member group, or use the search button on the top menu bar for general search (this can include session number, presenter’s name, session title or portion of title, etc.).

How do I access the LIVE presentations?

All oral scientific sessions will be presented live. Roundtable sessions will also be presented live. There are several networking and engagement activities that will also be live.

Use the scheduling function to build your schedule in advance. This will make it easy for you to navigate to the live sessions you want to attend. Join the live sessions 5 minutes early. The “Join Now” link will not display until a few minutes before the scheduled session start time.

Will sessions be recorded for on-demand viewing?

Poster sessions and roundtable presentations were pre-recorded and will be available for viewing beginning Oct. 19. Oral sessions are being recorded and will be available for on-demand viewing 72 hours after the presentation. The Virtual Meeting Platform will continue to be available for viewing until August 31, 2021.

Will sessions be close captioned?

The APHA general and featured sessions will be captioned live. Other sessions can be captioned live by request. Email for more information.

All oral sessions are being closed captioned for on-demand viewing and the captioning will be available 3 weeks after the meeting.

How can I get a certificate of attendance?
I left a message for a presenter on their discussion board but haven’t heard from them.

Presenters get an email when a question is left on their discussion board. However, APHA cannot forward responses. Please try leaving another message.

How can I view a schedule of events?

In the Virtual Meeting Platform, you can view events either by Program or by Date and Time. To get a general sense of the flow of the meeting see the schedule at a glance.

Can I export my schedule into Outlook or Google Calendar?

Yes, you can. However, you should not export your schedule unless you have finalized it in the Virtual Meeting Platform first. If you later make changes, delete or add new events and re-export, it will not successfully remove the deleted events. Keep in mind that your exported schedule will not include the “join now” button to view the live programs. Those links will only display in the Virtual Meeting Platform about 5 minutes before the session start time. However, by exporting your schedule into your preferred calendar, you can set reminders for yourself of upcoming events. To avoid confusion, your calendar events will already be converted to your local time.

Can I see who is attending the meeting? And if so, can I message them?

Yes, you can view the attendee list, and you can message an attendee. They will receive an email with your message and can respond directly to you if they choose.

Can I get a printed copy of the program?

We are no longer producing a printed program. The program would be more than 200 pages long. If you need a printed version of the program due to a disability or special need, please contact us at

Will attendees be able to ask questions?

Yes, Q&A will be managed through the Zoom chat feature.

Will APHA give out copies of PowerPoint slides?

No, but you can request the slides from the presenters. All presenters have a discussion board associated with their presentation. You can leave a message requesting the PowerPoint.

Do I need to download Zoom, or can I just watch from my browser?

As an attendee you do not need to download Zoom and can watch and participate from your browser. However, if you are a presenter you will need to download the most recent version of Zoom to participate fully (version 5.2.1 or newer).


Registration FAQs

How do I register for the Annual Meeting?

You may register at

If your membership is active through October 2020, you may register at the corresponding member rate. If your membership lapses prior to October, you will need to renew your membership first in order to register at discounted member rates. A list of registration fees can be found on our registration information page. Please note that registration fees vary based on what kind of membership you have and whether you have a membership, and the date that you register. Discounted registration fees are available through Oct. 13.

Registration will remain open through the last day of the meeting, Oct. 28, 2020.

Can I use a paper form to register?

No, we are no longer accepting paper forms or check payments. At this point all registration must be done online and paid by credit card.

Do I need to be an APHA member in order to register?

Presenters must be members of APHA. General attendees do not need to be an APHA member. However, membership to APHA and the member registration rate combined cost less than a nonmember registration fee, plus you will be able to enjoy other APHA member benefits.

I am having trouble logging in to the registration process. What can I do?

If you can’t get past the login page, the problem is likely on the APHA membership side. Please contact membership directly at 202-777-2400 or

I am having trouble with the online registration form. What can I do?

Please contact our registration team, Spargo, Inc. You may reach them at 866-871-5085 or


Presenter FAQs

How will I submit my presentation in this new virtual setting?

As a presenter, you should be receiving weekly emails from regarding your presentation. You can also find detailed information about your presentation on our guideline page for presenters. Pay close attention to the different presentations types (oral, roundtable, poster) as the instructions are very different.

Where can I find copies of emails sent to presenters?

You can find these by checking your status

Where can I withdraw my presentation?

You can withdraw your presentation through your Speaker's Corner. Learn more about the Speaker's Corner and find specific deadlines and additional information for presenters

Where can I add, delete or update contact information for authors and presenters or select a new presenter?

You can do this in your Speaker's Corner. Please note: only one person can be a presenter. Learn more about the Speaker's Corner and find specific deadlines and additional information for presenters

If I'm presenting, do I have to register for the meeting?

Yes. All presenters are required to register and be APHA members to present their abstract and research.

When will presenters of accepted abstracts be notified of their scheduled presentation format and session details?

Emails were sent July 1 confirming presentation format and session details. If you did not receive the status email you may check your status online or contact APHA.

How do I make corrections to my abstract?

You cannot change your abstract content once the submission deadline has passed. However, minor corrections (i.e. spelling errors, etc.) can be made by APHA staff. Email us to make a correction.

Can someone substitute as my presenter?

Yes. Changes to the presenting author must be made in the Speaker's Corner. Be sure to let the moderator know about the change if the change is made less than a month before the meeting. Learn more about the Speaker's Corner and find specific deadlines and additional information for presenters

The new presenter must:

  • Register for the meeting. Please note that contact information in the presenter's registration record must match the information in the Speaker's Corner. 
  • Complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.


How do I contact the program planner for my presentation?

Please see the Program Planning Committee PDF on the Presenter Information page.

Whom can I contact for Technical Assistance for the Online Abstract System?
I’m having trouble logging into the Virtual Meeting Platform. What can I do?
  1. Confirm that the email address and registration ID number you are using to login match the information in your registration record. You can send yourself a copy of your confirmation by going to this URL and clicking “Forgot my registration ID”:
  2. If your credentials are correct, but you still are not able to login, contact Confex Tech Support at 401-334-0220, or leave feedback or request help online.
  3. If your session is about to begin and you are still not able to log in, access the General Annual Meeting Support Zoom meeting and staff will be able to provide you with a work-around to access your session.
How can I add co-presenters to my presentation (how will it work if there are multiple people for the same presentation)?

Only one person can present per abstract. If you have a co-author they are welcome to join the session (if they are registered), but they should not present.

Can presenters have their tech staff/assistants (not registered) log on and advance their slides?

No, in order to access the session their tech staff would need to be registered for the meeting. Presenters will share their screen and advance their own slides.

What equipment will I need to participate as a presenter?

Presenters will need a computer or tablet with a webcam, mic and speakers. If you have significant background noise it is preferred that you have headphones or earbuds with a microphone to diminish the noise.

Where can I find information about what to expect as a presenter at APHA 2020?

Check out the Speakers Toolkit and the presenter guidelines on our webpage.

I’m supposed to moderate a session, but no presenters have joined the Zoom call yet.

They might have forgotten to rename themselves in Zoom. Remind speakers to rename themselves as “speaker-John Smith” so you can see them in the participant list.

How do I upload my poster presentation?

The deadline to upload posters was Oct. 18. If a poster presenter is requesting to upload their presentation file, please ask them to email a copy of their presentation to Please note that video files may not be uploaded until the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.

Do moderators have to use APHA's slides?

Moderators are asked to use APHA slides to maintain consistency across the virtual meeting.

What, if any, speaker information will be available to session moderators/program planners?

From the Speakers’ Corner, session moderators can retrieve speaker contact info and should reach out to speakers in advance of the meeting. From the Speakers' Corner, moderators can also find short bios for each presenter.

Can presenters and moderators use virtual backgrounds?

Presenters can use virtual backgrounds if their computers support them. Backgrounds should not be too busy.

What zoom functions (polling, chat, Q&A) will be used and will the moderator/co-host have access to?

Because all oral sessions are set up as Zoom meetings (not webinars), standard Zoom functions will be enabled, including chat, and polling. However, if you intend to use the polling feature, you will need to get to the Zoom room 20 minutes early and will need to request host privileges so that you can set up your poll questions and answers prior to the start of the session.


Continuing Education FAQs

What CE credit types are available for the 2020 APHA Virtual Annual Meeting?

APHA is approved to provide continuing education credits for Certified Health Education Specialists (CHES®), Master Certified Health Education Specialists (MCHES®), Continuing Medical Education (CME), Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), Certified in Public Health (CPH) and Veterinary (VET). Pharmacy (CPE) will also be available.

How many CE credits can I earn?

The maximum number of credits you can receive is 20.5. One continuing education credit is earned for every 60 minutes of educational content. The scientific sessions earn 1.5 credits. APHA abides by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education's Standards for Commercial Support.

Which sessions are available for Continuing Education credits?

Continuing education credits are available for all scientific sessions and roundtables. If a session has been approved for credit it will be noted in the online program on the webpage describing the session (on the bottom of the page).

You can learn more about CE credits and view all CE-accredited sessions in the Annual Meeting Virtual Platform at

I already registered for the meeting. How can I get CE?

When registering for the APHA 2020 meeting, you need to also register for CE and select your preferred discipline. Only those who register before 12 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020 will be eligible to obtain CE (no exceptions will be made).

How do I complete my evaluation(s)?

There are two options for evaluating the sessions attended: Browse by Date or Browse by Program. You might find it easier to evaluate the sessions by date. Click title of session attended to upload the evaluation form for the session. Complete the evaluation form. When finished, click Submit button to record your evaluation and receive your CE credit for that session. Continue this process until you have evaluated all sessions attended.

Note: You can only evaluate one session per time slot. Once the system starts to record your CE credits earned, you will see the Print Certificates link appear in the bottom left corner of the screen — complete all evaluations before trying to print.

I am having problems printing my certificate.

If you are unable to print your certificate, your pop-up blocker is on and you will need to deactivate it.

What is the deadline to obtain my CE and cerfificate?

All evaluations must be completed and submitted by Nov. 6 in order to receive credit (no exceptions will be made).

Can I get credit for watching the recordings?

No. Credits will only be available for watching sessions live.

I am a certified health education specialist. Do I need to contact NCHEC to report my credits received during this meeting?

CHES®/MCHES® credits are reported to NCHEC quarterly by APHA. The credits from this meeting will be reported Jan. 15, 2021.

I need assistance with CE.

For assistance during the Annual Meeting: Contact Charlene Bright.
For assistance after the Annual Meeting: Contact Alyssa Holland.