Accessibility Policy

It is the policy of APHA to hold meetings, conferences and professional gatherings where physical and communication barriers do not exclude people with disabilities from attending and participating. APHA is committed to making the Annual Meeting accessible to the widest range of people possible. For questions about APHA's accessibility policy or to make specific requests, contact APHA Staff

Accessibility Services

The 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting will take place online through the Virtual Meeting Platform via a mix of live and on-demand content. Live sessions and events will be hosted in Zoom. We encourage you to download the Zoom desktop application before the meeting. 

Registration  Be sure to complete the accessibility question during registration to notify APHA of your specific need(s). Someone from APHA will follow up with you about your requests.

Help Desk — A Zoom help desk will be available during the meeting to assist attendees with issues including accessibility concerns. The Zoom link will be  available during meeting hours. Find more information in the Virtual Meeting Platform. You can also reach APHA staff directly at

Discussion Boards  Attendees can message presenters through a discussion board on the Virtual Meeting Platform. The discussion boards are accessible by screen readers.

Slide Decks Zoom does not allow for total accessibility of slides when sharing the screen. To request slide decks in advance of the Annual Meeting, email by Oct. 2, 2020.

Sign Language Interpreter  You may request a sign language interpreter by emailing by Oct. 2, 2020.

Closed Captioning

A mix of live and pre-recorded sessions and events will take place during the dates of the meeting. Due to the large number of sessions and events, we can only provide captioning by request. If you would like APHA to provide a captioner for a live sessions or caption a pre-recorded presentation, please complete a captioning request form (PDF). A preliminary form is due by Oct. 2.

Post-Meeting Captioning  All Oral Sessions will be available for on-demand viewing with closed captioning three weeks after the meeting. These captioned videos will be available in the Virtual Meeting Platform until Aug. 31, 2021. Captioning will be done by a human captionist.

Presenter and Exhibitor Resources

APHA encourages presenters and exhibitors to consider the needs of attendees with disabilities when planning their presentations, communications and interactions. The APHA Disability Section has created the following guidelines for creating accessible presentations and spaces:

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