Accessibility Policy

It is the policy of APHA to hold meetings, conferences and professional gatherings where physical and communication barriers do not exclude people with disabilities from attending and participating. APHA is committed to making the Annual Meeting accessible to the widest range of people possible.

Special Assistance
If you require an aide or personal assistant to help you navigate the Annual Meeting, APHA will register your aide as a complimentary guest. Email APHA staff to add an aide to your registration or call 202-77-2528. During the meeting, there is a staffed Accessibility Booth near registration.

Attendee Resources

Presenter and Exhibitor Resources

APHA encourages presenters and exhibitors to consider the needs of attendees with disabilities when planning their presentation and booth. The APHA Disability Section has created the following guidelines for creating accessible presentations and exhibit booths.

Meeting Room Setup

Specific requests will be made to the APHA Meeting Hotels and the Convention Center regarding adequate aisle space and cut-outs for wheel chair users in all meeting rooms. Please note the standard head table set up provides a podium and podium microphone. If you are presenting a paper, and require a tabletop or lavaliere microphone, please notify APHA in writing at least three weeks prior to the meeting. Every effort will be made to set meeting rooms to accommodate people with disabilities both as speakers and in the audience. Please email us or call 202-777-2528 with any accessibility requests.

Annual Meeting attendees in wheelchairs at a poster sessionChemical Sensitivity

The APHA Annual Meeting is a smoke-free event. Smoking is not permitted in any of the meeting rooms used for APHA-sponsored meetings an events. The convention center is a smoke-free environment, but be aware that some hotels may allow smoking in certain public areas.

We want the Annual Meeting to be safe for everyone, including people with chemical sensitivities. Specific requests will be made by APHA to the hotels and the convention center that chemicals not be used any public and meeting space areas within four days of the commencement of our meeting and that only unscented products be used in guest rooms. In addition, for the health and comfort of all participants, we request that meeting attendees refrain from using perfume, cologne, aftershave and other fragrant products such as shampoo, hairspray and hand lotion. Learn more about chemical sensitivities.

APHA's official decorator, Freeman, installs new carpeting just before the Public Health Expo opens. This carpeting is made from 25% post industrial recycled fiber, is 100% recyclable and is classified as low VOC (volatile organic compound).

Chronic Pain

APHA members with disabilities (including chronic pain) have indicated that in crowded locations and at other times at APHA, they experience unintended pushing or well-intended taps that have caused pain or have caused them to lose their balance. Please be aware of this and be considerate of all registrants.