Congratulations to the 2018 award winners!

John and Janet Carson Public Health Advocacy Award

2018 Award Winner: Leonard Levy, DPM, MPH 

Stephen Toth Distinguished Service Award

2018 Award Winner: James Wrobel, DPM, MS

Student Leader Award

2018 Award Winners: Alyse Acciani, MPH; Jessica Jaswal, MS; Emily Khuc; Edee Wildman

All awards share similar criteria, including:

  1. Recipient(s) must be a current member of the Section.
  2. Award(s) given in recognition of an individual's outstanding contribution to the practice and profession of podiatric public health education and podiatric health advocacy. Award(s) given for accomplishments and tangible contributions that have elevated the field of podiatric public health, and made an impact on the practice of the podiatric medical profession. Examples are: articulating and influencing public health issues or social policy, improving community health status, preparing future public health professionals, addressing inequities, using and contributing to theory, and carrying out evaluative research. Recognition by the members of the Section, contributions to the section, and contributions and leadership to the Association are also considered.
  3. Award recipient(s) is/are determined by majority vote of Awards committee.
  4. Nominations must be submitted to the awards chair by a Section member.