Adolescent and Young Adult Health: Brittany Chambers and Dennis Li

Breastfeeding: Briana Jegier and Heather Sipsma

Child Care: Abbey Alkon

Children with Special Health Care Needs: Cynthia Cassell and Jennifer Marshall 

Epidemiology and Data: Charlan Kroelinger

Genetics and Bioethics: Natasha Bonhomme and Andrea Goodman

Health Services Research: Rada Dagher, Rui Lee, and Christina Ventura-DiPersia

Improving Pregnancy Outcomes: Kee Chan, Tyan Parker Dominguez, Judith Katzburg, and Janine Lewis

Infant and Child Health: Ruth Perou

Innovations in Maternity Care: Barbara Levin, Carol Nelson, and Cecilia Wachdorf

International Maternal and Child Health: Kathryn Mishkin and Ify Udo

Multi-Level Determinants of MCH across the Life Course: Jodie Ford and Colleen McGovern

Paternal Involvement in Pregnancy Outcomes: Amina Alio and Jermane Bond

Perinatal and Women’s Health: Ndidi Amutah, Marjorie Sable, and Cheryl Vamos

Professional Development: Kathryn Mishkin and Anne Odusanya

Policy and Finance: Amy O’Malley

Student Session: Cynthia Cassell

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Infant Mortality: Lena Camperlengo

Violence Prevention Committee: Lianne Estefan

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