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Who We Are

The International Health Section was founded in 1976 to provide leadership and a focus on international public health issues within APHA.

Our mission is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for scientific and public exchanges of knowledge and views on international and global health issues; collaborate with those within APHA whose interests intersect with global health; advocate for key global health issues within the Association and at various levels of government; serve as advocates for the development and recognition of technically, scientifically and politically sound approaches to global health problems; and mobilize interest and encourage debate among professionals and the public on global health issues.

Our thousands of members include a broad range of international health professionals living in over 60 countries and in practically every state of the U.S.


Nearly 100 years after its founding, APHA established the International Health Section, a special membership group for APHA members who have a professional interest in how the Association can contribute toward the improvement of public health in international and global settings. An informative and detailed account of our Section's establishment and evolution can be found in the booklet "Growth of International Health: An Analysis and History." (PDF)