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Alliance for Disease Prevention and Response

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APHA is building and leading a national movement to protect against future pandemics and disease outbreaks.

The Alliance is a collaborative movement to advance public health and equity, prevent disease and promote well-being.

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New in the American Journal of Public Health! Read the seven key lessons from the movement to build a robust, equitable, sustainable public health system.


  • A resilient, equitable, and healthy nation supported by a robust public health system that is empowered to protect against societal health threats and respond to the unique health needs of every community.


  • Build and empower a diverse, collaborative, multi-sector, sustainable public health movement with clearly defined roles, authority, and resources to ensure health, equity, and well-being for all.

Core Objectives

The Alliance centers its efforts on the following goals in support of our mission:

  1. EquityEnsure the effective and just distribution of resources and assets to support a sustainable public health system that empowers all communities to determine their own health outcomes
  2. Preparedness and resilience – Develop and sustain the systems capacity needed to understand, anticipate, prevent, respond to major ongoing and emerging health threats
  3. Community and multi-sectoral partnership – Convene, support, and collaborate with community-based organizations and multi-sector networks at the federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial level. (Sectors include public health, healthcare, grassroots, faith-based communities, civil society, business, philanthropy, education and government)

The Approach

The alliance will bring together public health organizations, business groups, non-profits, philanthropies and individuals to:

  • Inform and align efforts, share lessons and innovations and amplify clear and effective public communication
  • Use trusted messengers, including business and community leaders, to empower the public with guidance, promote prevention-supporting norms and help recruit contact tracers
  • Engage private sector partners and funders in COVID-19 prevention efforts, including strengthening public health infrastructure
  • Advocate collectively for supportive public policies and to strengthen the public health infrastructure and future ability to respond to public health threats


  • Empower the public and the private sector to participate in COVID-19 and public health efforts, acting with purpose and confidence, resulting in improved public norms
  • Create strategic cohesion and civic engagement by partners and communities around public health, prevention and equity
  • Increase public health system investment from the national to local levels
  • Recruit champions to advocate for public health

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