Messaging Resources

APHA created this toolkit in partnership with CDC to help public health professionals communicate the urgency and relatedness of ACEs, overdose and suicide prevention.

This messaging framework provides graphics, fact sheets and tools to:

  • Provide strategically connected messages about ACEs, overdose, and suicide that strengthen the work of advocates for, and subject matter experts in, each of these issues.
  • Advance an overarching narrative that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), overdose, and suicide are urgent, related, and preventable public health challenges.
  • The acceptance of this narrative among stakeholders will inform their decisions about effective, prevention-focused public health policies, approaches, and funding.

Message Framework: ACEs, Overdose and Suicide (PDF) 

Fact Sheet: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Overdose and Suicide (PDF)
The fact sheet provides quick facts about ACEs, Overdose and Suicide and begins to explain the connection between the three topics. It also introduces effective ways to prevent all three issues.

Frequently Asked Questions: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Overdose and Suicide (PDF)
This FAQ document is a great prep sheet for conversations with partners and with representatives on the Hill. It can also be given as a takeaway for partners.