More Than a Resume

Careers in Public Health

Some of the most important career moves you may make could depend on your resume, according to Boxwood Technology, the number one provider for online career centers for associations. 
If your next move is crucial for your career path, investing in a professional resume ensures that your application will be competitive and that your resume will catch the attention of hiring managers. That your resume needs to be grammatically correct goes without saying. It must also be clean, concise, attractive and targeted. 
Adding a cover letter to your resume can be one of the most instrumental items in your job search. A carefully crafted cover letter can be the item that garners a second look from your target audience. At times, hiring managers are so inundated by email attachments that the cover letter prompts them to read the accompanying resume, explaining why the cover letter has been said to increase chances of getting an interview by over 50 percent.
One of the most influential items ever mentioned to one senior human resources consultant was from a hiring manager at a Fortune 50 company. This manager would not consider hiring any potential candidate – no matter how well he or she performed in the interview – if there was no thank-you note sent after the meeting. Avoid this potentially critical snafu and send a concise thank-you note. Offer follow up notes, for when you want to give your potential employer a gentle reminder of your interest.

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