Climate Change and Health Fan Mail

collage of postcardsWhen APHA stepped up to help make the 2017 Climate & Health Meeting happen, we heard from some members of the Postcard Underground thanking us for our work. We want to thank them for the encouraging words. And we thought you might like to see some of what they wrote to APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin.

"Right now, we need people like you who keep working for a cleaner/better world and whose voice is influential. Trusting that those who have the 'Power' will hear and see what you are sharing."

"Environmental threats are clearly one of the most grave issues that we face today and the science behind climate change is indisputable. The strength of organizations like APHA is critical to our survival."

"Thank you for continuing the dialogue on climate change. Science does not lie!!"

"Please continue your efforts for a Climate Health Summit and other ongoing work. There are not alternative facts to explain away our planet's deteriorating health."

"Thank you so very much for representing so many of us."

"Thank you for the work you do inspiring practices and working for policies that will improve the health of all Americans."

"Thank you for your good work at APHA and for focusing on climate change and HEALTH. We need people like you...especially now!"

"This is a subject that we can't afford to ignore. Please don't lose hope. Your work is important!"

"Thank for for all of your work, on behalf of all of us, on climate change and public health."

"We are grateful for your fortitude to continue mitigating this global environmental crisis."

"Thank you for you and your organization's commitment to spotlight ominous connections of climate change and threats to human health. Your work is vital."

"Thank you for the work you are doing on climate change, especially getting the science out despite the roadblocks. Keep up the good work."

"My sincere thanks for you commitment to getting the word out about climate change and its effects on health. I applaud your heard & courageous work."

Fact sheets on Climate Change

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