Control of Communicable Diseases–Laboratory-Based Surveillance

Continuing in its long-standing position as the international standard for communicable disease control and prevention, the 20th edition of the "Control of Communicable Diseases Manual", edited by Dr David L. Heymann, has been well-received since its release last year. During the CCDM update, it was determined that the component dealing with laboratory practice in support of communicable disease control, prevention and surveillance needed more attention. The editors decided that a new publication, tentatively called CCDM–Laboratory-Based Surveillance, would be a valuable complement to CCDM. The creation of this new CCDM companion is quite timely. With the recent outbreaks of Ebola virus disease and Zika, there is a renewed interest in strengthening epidemiology and laboratory infrastructure throughout the developing world in support of improved communicable disease surveillance systems and the International Health Regulations. The availability of CCDM–Laboratory-Based Surveillance will assist with that initiative.

After the creation of a CCDM–Laboratory-Based Surveillance editorial board and the identification of many willing experts in the field, work began on CCDM--Laboratory-Based Surveillance earlier in 2016. Some chapters still lack confirmed authors, and there is still a need for reviewers.

The editors of CCDM–Laboratory-Based Surveillance relied heavily on the expertise that exists within the CDC, the U.S. state and local public health laboratory system and the experts at Public Health England. There is interest in involving authors from other internationally recognized laboratory organizations as well. The editors also welcome participation from laboratory experts from within academia.

If you or your colleagues are interested in contributing to this important new publication, please refer them to this online survey.