Advertising FAQ's

How do I place an ad in your publication? There are three: the American Journal of Public HealthThe Nation's Health and the APHA Annual Meeting Program. Rates, datelines and reservation form

Where are the ads placed in the publication? Front and back. All 4C ads are placed in the front and all black & white ads are placed in the back, Market Place (non-job related ads) or job opportunities section. There are also three sections in TNH, 4C & black & white product & services ads are placed in the front of the publication, classifieds and job opportunities are placed in the back.

How do I advertise on or eHealthCare Solutions.

How do I advertise on website or e-newsletter? Reservation form. (PDF)

What is the circulation/demographics? APHA membership.

How do I reserve space in your publications? Submit request to Advertising.  

If I place my ad in the next issue, when will it come out?AJPH is mailed out at the end of the previous month, (example: August 24th is the mail date for the September issue). TNH is also the same. Both publications are mailed via 2nd class mail, which takes anywhere from 7-10 days.

How do I reserve space for on electronic media placement. Download the Reservation form (PDF) or contact Ashell R. Alston.

What's your fax number? 202-777-2531

What's your FEIN number? 13-1628688.

Do you have non-profit rates? No.

Do you charge tax on advertisement? No.

Do you accept free advertisement? No.

Do you accept Public Service Announcements (PSA)? Please contact Ashell R. Alston.

Do you have an editorial calendar? No

Do you exchange advertisement? Please contact Ashell R. Alston.

Do you sell your mailing list? Yes. Please contact American List Council, Inc. at 1-800-252-5478.

Media kit request: Ashell R. Alston.

How do I post a job announcement on APHA’s Public Health CareerMart? For technical questions please contact Customer Service at 888-491-8833 (Public Health CareerMart questions only). For rates see Public Health CareerMart.