2017 Joint Policy Committee Final Recommendations to the Governing Council

The Joint Policy Committee convened in an executive session on Monday, Nov. 6, 2017, to review the 2017 proposed policy statements from the JPC public hearings. The JPC recommends the following 13 proposed policy statements for adoption by the Governing Council:

Group A: Access to Care, Health Promotion and Prevention
A1: Supporting the National Physical Activity Plan
A2: Supporting Research and Evidence-Based Public Health Practice in State and Local Health Agencies
A6: Public Health and Early Childhood Education: Support for Universal Preschool in the United States 
Group B: Occupational Health
B2: The Critical need to Reform Workers' Compensation
B3: Ensuring Language Justice in Occupational Safety and Health Training 
B4:* Strengthen the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards for Inorganic Lead to Protect Workers' Health
B5: Improving Working Conditions for U.S. Food Production and Processing Workers
Group C: Social Determinants of Health, Equity, Human Rights, Immigration and International Health
C3: Housing and Homelessness as a Public Health Issue
C4: Reducing Income Inequality to Advance Health
Group D: Environmental Health 
D1: Protecting Children's Environmental Health: A Comprehensive Framework
D2: Public Health Opportunities to Address the Health Effects of Air Pollution 
D3: Advancing a 'One Health' Approach to Promote Health at the Human-Animal-Environment Interface
D4: Establishing Environmental Public Health Systems for Children at Risk or with Environmental Exposures in Schools

*JPC recommendation — Positive assessment, with the allowance that the policy will be updated with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health cost estimates when those become available.

The JPC does not recommend the following two proposals for adoption:

C1: Addressing Law Enforcement Violence as a Public Health Issue
C2: United Nations' Accountability and Reparations for its Role in the Haitian Cholera Epidemic