Public health safeguards at risk under "one-in-two-out" executive order

Date: Jan 31 2017

Contact: Mandi Yohn, 202-777-2509 

Following is a statement from Georges C. Benjamin, MD, executive director of the American Public Health Association, regarding an executive order signed yesterday by President Donald Trump. The order directs federal agencies to eliminate two public protections for every new rule put in place.

"An executive order on new federal rules threatens to weaken the federal government’s role in protecting the public from health threats.

"Federal rules play a critical role in protecting the public from serious health threats, including lead poisoning, deadly air pollution, toxic chemicals, food contamination and workplace injuries.

"It is troubling that the executive order appears to fail to take into consideration the benefits of a rule that often vastly outweigh the costs.

"Forcing an agency to arbitrarily identify two rules to eliminate for every new one it seeks to issue defies reason and sound policy-making. A new rule seeking to protect the public should not come at the expense of two other rules that also keep the citizens of our nation safe and healthy."

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