Funding public health protects our communities and kids, saves lives…and saves money (Text Version)

Prevention and Public Health Programs:
[Picture of community and people]
Keep our kids healthy and communities strong

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Save lives

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Save money

Public health keeps kids healthy and communities strong

  • Public health and prevention programs in your community:
  • Immunize children [picture of syringe]
  • Protect people from disasters and disease outbreaks [picture of flame]
  • Screen newborns for health problems [picture of adult and infant]
  • Give women cancer screenings [picture of pink ribbon]
  • Reduce tobacco use [picture of no smoking sign]
  • Screen people for HIV/AIDS [picture of red ribbon]
  • Provide health services in rural areas [picture of red cross]
  • Promote healthy lifestyles to reduce chronic conditions [picture of heart]
  • Keep our air, water and neighborhoods clean [picture of tree]
  • Promote on‐the‐job health and safety [picture of person with briefcase]

We all benefit

Public health saves lives
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For each 10 percent increase in local public health spending:

  • Infant deaths decrease 6.9%
  • Cardiovascular deaths decrease 3.2%
  • Diabetes deaths decrease 1.4%
  • Cancer deaths decrease 1.1%

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Seatbelt use reduces serious injuries and death in car crashes by 50%

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In the 20th century, the U.S. reduced the rate of adults who smoke from 42%in 1965 to 25%in 1997.

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Rates continue to drop—in 2010, 19%of adults smoked.
Rates continue to drop—in 2010, 19%of adults smoked.

Public health saves money
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Every $1 spent on prevention saves $5.60 in health spending.

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Every $1 spent on childhood vaccines saves $16.50 in future health care costs.

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Seventy‐five percent of U.S. health spending is on preventable chronic conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, but only 3 cents of every $1 spent on health care goes toward public health and prevention.

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”—Benjamin Franklin
We must protect and increase funding for public health programs at all levels.