Joint APHA/Affiliate Membership

The APHA/Affiliate Joint Membership Pilot program involving California-North, Kansas, Massachusetts and Ohio was discontinued as of June 30, 2016. The JMP was established in 2008 to increase membership and engagement in both APHA and the participating state and regional public health associations. While the project did not meet the hoped-for goals to allow for expansion of the program, APHA remains committed to collaborating with all of its 54 Affiliates. 

By marketing the value of Affiliates to APHA's new or renewing members, we hope to highlight the importance of engagement at the state and regional levels. We will continue to look for additional ways to work with all 54 Affiliates to expand membership and engagement in both the Affiliate and APHA.

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For more about Affiliate membership in the JMP states, visit their websites:


Massachusetts Public Health Association    Ohio Public Health Association

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