The Flint Water Crisis and Beyond

A three-part webinar series on lead and public health

The drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, as reported in the American Journal of Public Health, has raised public health concerns about lead exposure, the U.S. water supply infrastructure, and the authority to enforce safe and sanitary conditions. Join the leadership of the American Public Health Association in a webinar series about the impact of lead exposure on health.

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Working Together to Address Lead Exposure in our Communities
David E. Jacobs, PhD, CIH, Ruth Ann Norton, Kristie Trousdale and Elyse Pivnick

This webinar provides information about lead exposure, focuses on community solutions to lead exposure and provides tools for preventing lead exposure in the home. This webinar highlights healthy homes interventions. 

View the webinar slides (all are downloadable PDFs): Elyse Pivnick, Ruth Ann Norton, David E. Jacobs

Flint and Lead: The Water-Public Health Connection
Susan Buchanan, MD, MPH, Stephen J. Randtke, PhD, PE, Ella Greene-Moton, and Melissa Essex Elliot

Reports of elevated blood lead levels in children in Flint, Michigan, placed a national spotlight on the role of drinking water in lead exposure. As the events continue to evolve, important questions are being raised about changes in drinking water chemistry, what can be done to control lead exposure through drinking water, and how local water utilities and the public health community can work together.Join APHA and the American Water Works Association for a discussion about the current state of science related to the health risks posed by lead and the value of engaging the water systems sector. 

View the webinar slides (all are downloadable PDFs): IntroductionSusan BuchananStephen RandtkeElla Greene-MotonMelissa Essex ElliotQ&A and Conclusion

Public Health's Legal Authority and Safe Drinking Water
Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH, FAAP, William Piermattei, JD, and Paul A. Biedrzycki, MPH, MBA, CIH

This webinar, featuring the pediatrician who helped expose lead poisoning in Flint, examined the regulation of drinking water quality as a health equity issue. Specifically, presenters described the Flint water crisis and explained what role public health can help play in maintaining the quality of drinking water.  

View the webinar slides (all are downloadable PDFs): Introduction, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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