Immunization Information System Interjurisdictional Data Sharing: Addressing Technical and Legal Barriers

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Dec 09 2015, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST


Immunization Information Systems are key to maintaining and improving vaccination coverage and reducing vaccine preventable diseases in the United States. Integrating the current IIS infrastructure to exchange information across federal, state and local jurisdictions will lead to more effective surveillance, better immunization planning and ultimately healthier communities.

This webinar provides an opportunity for public health professionals, including immunization program managers, IIS program staff, public health attorneys, and privacy officers to learn about state-specific issues related to IIS interjurisdictional sharing, the template MOU, and possible implementation steps.


  • Molly Howell, MPH, Immunization Program Manager, North Dakota Department of Health
  • Denise Chrysler, JD, Director, Network for Public Health Law — Mid-States Region
  • Bob Swanson, MPH, Director, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Division of Immunization
  • Mary Beth Kurilo, MPH, MSW, Policy and Planning Directory, American Immunization Registry Association


  • Terry Dwelle, MD, MPHTM, CPH, State Health Officer, North Dakota Department of Health

This webinar is sponsored by the Partnership for Public Health Law and the Network for Public Health Law.

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