Gun Violence Research and Data Collection: Getting the Facts Straight

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Oct 20 2015, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM EST


Properly conducted and appropriately funded gun violence research should be considered neutral: fact-finding is non-partisan. Despite that, there has been hesitation and outright refusal to collect data and perform research on guns and gun related violence. This has been shown most recently, when 32 members of the House Appropriations Committee voted to block the Centers for Disease Control from spending $11 million researching gun violence — a relatively paltry amount.

In short: why don’t we have funding for the gun violence research that could help bring the two sides of this debate closer together? In anticipation of the upcoming Brady and APHA National Summit, please join APHA and Dialogue4Health for an in-depth discussion of that topic. We will explore: 

  • What is the underlying reason for resistance to research?
  • Is it possible for researchers to be objective about their assessment and analysis of the issue?
  • How can we streamline, combine, and find sources to get better data about guns and violence?
  • How can Web Forum listeners move this conversation forward? What specific steps can they take to advocate for better research and data?

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