Social Media Contest

Showcase your adventures in the Expo Hall. Participate in the APHA Play social media contest!

The goal of the contest is to visit all of the pre-selected exhibitors at least one time and make a post about them. 

How to Play: 

  1. Select an exhibitor's booth to visit from the pre-selected list below.
  2. Make a post using #APHAPlay2020
  3. Tag (@) the exhibitor in your post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Twitter @APHAAnnualMtg 

Instagram @AmericanPublicHealth

Facebook American Public Health Association

 two smiling women and tweet text about Temple University  POWER TO HEAL tweet about film

A valid post has completed steps 1-3 above and counts as one entry in the drawing for prizes. Be entered into the drawing up to 24 times (once per exhibitor post). The more booths you visit, the more chances you have to win!

Participating Exhibitors:

More details available in fall 2020

Get Creative: 

• Take a pic of the booth.
• Take a photo with the reps.
• Tell us why they're amazing.
• Talk about what they do.
• Show off their products.
• Talk about their services.

Prizes can be picked up Sunday-Tuesday from the Public Health CareerMart Booth during open hours and on Wednesday in the APHA Conventions Office until noon.