APHA Annual Meeting Participation Policies

APHA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting Participation Policies

By registering for the APHA 2020 Annual Meeting, each participant acknowledges that he/she has read the policies and disclaimers below, and expressly releases APHA and its Executive Board and Governing Council members, directors, officers, employees, or agents from any and all liability in connection with such Meeting as provided herein.

Participation Policy
The American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting brings together public health professionals and other participants to share the latest research and information, learn, network and engage with their peers. The opinions, statements, presentations, data, images, videos, documents and other information expressed or otherwise shared by presenters or other participants at the Annual Meeting are for informational purposes only. The views and opinions expressed by presenters are not those of APHA, unless expressly indicated otherwise. APHA nor its Executive Board and Governing Council members, directors, officers, employees, or agents shall be responsible for the accuracy, quality or reliability of any of the materials presented, or liable for any incidental, special, consequential damages or other arising therefrom.

By registering for APHA’s Virtual 2020 Annual Meeting & Expo, the participant agrees that he/she will abide by the following policies:

  • Not posting on or otherwise using APHA’s online platforms for offensive, incendiary, or defamatory material of any kind.
  • Not posting or disclosing anyone’s personal information unnecessarily to protect against identity theft and other crimes and not using APHA’s online platform to harass and/or stalk another participant.
  • Not attempting to break the security of any computer network or user.
  • Not posting or otherwise using APHA’s online platforms for self-promotion, advertising or any other commercial messages without prior written permission of APHA.
  • Not violating the intellectual property rights of any third party.
  • Not attempting to send spam or any other form of junk e-mail to anyone.
  • Not attempting to hack into another’s account.
  • Agreeing to secure access to one’s computer at all times.
  • Not sharing one’s password or other login information.
  • Agreeing to promptly report any detection of suspicious or unauthorized activity to APHA.
  • Not using the Meeting to violate any applicable law, rule, or regulation.

Anyone found to have violated any of these policies will be asked to leave the session. APHA reserves the right to (1) issue verbal or written warnings; (2) revoke their access to APHA’s Virtual 2020 Annual Meeting without a refund; (3) report illegal activity to local authorities, and (4) seek injunctive relief and/or monetary damages.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold APHA, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, and other partners and employees, harmless from any and all loss, liability, claim, or demand, including actual attorney's fees and costs, made by or arising out of your violation of any of these policies, your use of APHA’s online platforms and/or your violation of any rights of another.

Media and Recording Policy
APHA and news media will record videos during the Virtual 2020 Annual Meeting. By attending the Meeting, each participant consents to being recorded during and in connection with the Meeting and consents to the use or publication of such recordings, or their likeness therein, in connection with any promotional, educational or professional purposes. Each participant releases APHA and its executive board and Governing Council members, directors, officers, employees or agents from any and all liability arising from the recordings or their uses, including for infringement of proprietary rights, invasion of privacy, defamation or any other cause of action, and waives any right to inspect or approve such recordings and any and all rights to payment of royalties in connection therewith.

Only APHA’s authorized vendors and credentialed working journalists who are registered with APHA’s Press Office are permitted to video and/or audio-record scientific sessions. Scientific sessions will be livestreamed by APHA and recordings will be available on demand in the APHA 2020 online program. Recording or streaming of individual sessions, including livestreaming on any media platforms such as Zoom, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, without prior authorization from APHA is strictly prohibited. Those found violating this policy will be removed from the session immediately and any recording for commercial or personal use will be deleted. APHA reserves the right to ban violators from attending future sessions.

Restrictions on Use
Only you are to access the content in the Virtual Meeting Platform using your username and password. You agree that you will not otherwise copy, transmit, forward, lend, sell, or modify any session recordings. You may not disseminate any recordings or use your log in for group viewing. If we have reason to believe you have shared your password information or access to your account or have used the recordings in violation of the provisions herein, we may remove your access to the Virtual Meeting Platform.

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy
The Annual Meeting is a harassment-free conference for everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion, national origin, immigration status. Conference participants who display inappropriate behavior or create a disturbance will be removed from a session immediately, and APHA reserves the right to ban them from future sessions and cancel their registration without refund. If you are being harassed or notice an act of harassment, contact a conference staff member immediately or notify annualmeeting@apha.org.

APHA shall not be responsible for any defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct of Annual Meeting participants, and shall not be held liable for personal injury, property damage, theft or damage of any kind suffered by the participants at or in connection with the Virtual 2020 Annual Meeting.