California Endowment Session: Racism is a Public Health Crisis

Reimagining and Redefining Public Safety in a Structure of State Sanctioned, Anti-Black Violence

This summit was presented on Saturday, Oct. 24 and was hosted by APHA and The California Endowment. Thank you to those who participated in this important discussion.

Check out the plenary presentation: 


Breakout sessions

A. Economic Violence and Criminalization in the Era of Legalized Cannabis

B. Can’t Get Well in a Cell: Community Responses to Mental Health Crises

C. Funding Healthy Futures: Budgetary Violence & Defunding Law Enforcement

D. Fines & Fees Justice: Breaking Cycles of Criminalization and Poverty: Participatory Justice Initiatives

E. Care Not Cages: How We Stopped an $89 Million Jail Expansion Project

F. Black Child Legacy Campaign: The Reduction of African-American Child Deaths and Youth Gun Violence Reduction

G. Boys and Men of Color Initiative: Seeding Black Justice System Change in Sacramento

H. Between Oppression and Liberation: Using Data for Action and Impact

I. Learning the Language of Equity and Anti-Black Racism in America

J. Criminalizing Mentally Unhealthy People

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View the full agenda and list of speakers.

The California Endowment