Recorded Annual Meeting Presentations

APHA 2020

Recorded Annual Meeting Presentations (RAMP) will not be offered for APHA 2020 because the entire meeting will be hosted online. Annual Meeting attendees will have extended access to meeting content. We'll also be offering opportunities to purchase access to meeting content after the meeting. More details to come. 

RAMP From Previous Years

RAMP from previous APHA Annual Meetings is available to be viewed and purchased. Engaging PowerPoint presentations are synced with presenters' voice recordings and cursor movements so you can follow along. This digital library gives you the freedom to access the sessions you missed, enjoyed the most or are most interested in. You'll even have access to your own!

Interested in listening to sessions from APHA 2019? 

Attendee Type Pre-Meeting On-Site Post-Meeting
Presenter $25 $50  $90
Meeting Attendee $50 $99  $140
Non-attendee  ---  ---  $200


  • When will I have access to RAMP? RAMP will be available three to four weeks after the meeting.
  • Do I have to log in to access RAMP? Yes. You'll receive an email with log-in information when RAMP is available. 
  • Where do I go to view recorded presentations?
    • Go to the Online Program.
    • Click "View/Purchase Meeting Recordings (RAMP)".
    • Click the section you are interested in to view the list of available sessions and presentations.
    • Help or comments? Email:

Here’s a sample of a great Annual Meeting session:


Bonus Package: Meeting attendees who purchase RAMP and full conference registration at the same time can save $10.

Not all presentations from this meeting will be available through RAMP as some speakers did not agree to be recorded and technical difficulties precluded the capture of others.

When the contents for RAMP have been finalized, you can access presentations by browsing the Online Program. Sessions marked with the folder icon indicate the existence of multimedia files. No multimedia files are available for poster or roundtable sessions. Clicking on the multimedia icon will enable you to access the recording.

Recordings from APHA 20152016 and 2017 are available for free!