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Hello, PHEHP!

For those of you that I have not yet had the chance to meet, my name is Sherie Lou (yes — “Sherie Lou” is my first name, and that’s what I go by =]), and I am extremely excited to serve you all over the next year as your PHEHP Section Chair! I have proudly been an active member of PHEHP (and APHA) for about a decade and have held various positions within the Section from Student Engagement Workgroup Co-Chair to Governing Councilor to Communications Chair.

Currently, I am located in Washington, D.C. (but will always be a Southern Californian at heart!) and am a Health Policy Director on Capitol Hill. My public health background is based in health education, health promotion, community-based participatory research, and implementation science. Outside of my public health career, I am also a climbing and fitness instructor, competitive elite paddler, rambunctious snowboarder (both in-bounds [at ski resorts] and in the backcountry), casual distance runner and cyclist, and retired/occasional dancer (Philippine Folk, Polynesian [predominantly hula, Tahitian, Maori, and Samoan], Hip Hop, bachata, and salsa)!

So why would a health policy professional and athlete be the Section Chair for PHEHP you ask? Because PHEHP is comprised of over 4500 multidisciplinary public health professionals with a shared passion for health education and health promotion! PHEHP has been my professional home and family since I was a public health student and has been there for me as I transitioned from a student to early career professional as well as through a few career shifts. My goal this year is to engage with as many of you as possible so that PHEHP can feel like your professional home and family just as it has been for me for over a decade. A few ways to get engaged include: volunteering with one of the many committees PHEHP has, connecting with other PHEHP members using the APHA Connect platform, posting or looking through public health promotion jobs on the APHA Connect bulletin board, attending one (or many) of the monthly PHEHP business teleconference meetings, or engaging on PHEHP's various social media platforms. The opportunities are endless!

So for now, connect with me and PHEHP digitally! I can’t wait to engage with you and serve as your chair!

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We want to hear about and possibly feature the work that you are doing to advance the field of health education and health promotion.  Email us!

Sherie Lou Santos, MPH
Chair, PHEHP Section, 2019-2020

Member Highlights

Jacquelynn M. Hairston, PhD

  • Current job occupation/subject of study – Human Services Analyst for the Florida Department of Health in Leon County
  • Favorite PHEHP Moment – I attended the APHA 2019 Annual Meeting and Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after receiving the PHEHP 2019 Early Career Professionals Scholarship. I am humbled at receiving this award and excited to meet and learn about the leaders who keep this Section organized.
  • Proudest professional achievement – My most impressive professional achievement was completing my Ph.D. in Public Health after 17 years in college. I worked full-time in Florida State Government for several agencies, including the Florida Department of Health, to align my secular and educational careers.
  • How did you start with APHA/PHEHP – I began with APHA/PHEHP in 2009 upon enrollment into Walden University's Public Health Ph.D. program. My concentration was Public Health Education and Promotion, and this Section was in alignment with my direction.
  • Who is your public health role model? Dr. Camara Jones, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.
  • What is your one piece of advice for students, early-career professionals, and transitioning public health professionals? – My proposal to these individuals is that if they take each day and painstakingly prepare goals and objectives, they will find the strength and endurance to persevere to the finish line. Life will get in the way, and they may fall or fail. Just get up and go forth, no matter the roadblock.

Katrina Cecilia Sanchez

  • Current job occupation/subject of study:Health Services Trainee at Alameda County Public Health Department. Specifically in the Immunization Section. For now, I am still in my undergraduate studies, majoring in Health Sciences leaning towards as a Public Health Nurse Practitioner.Current role in Section: Student Engagement Workgroup Chair and Student Liaison
  • Favorite PHEHP Moment: Being chosen by our Health Sciences at California State University East Bay to attend the American Public Health Association conference in 2018. From that day on, everything that was happening during the conference from the long walks to meeting and connecting with passionate public health advocates was my favorite.
  • Proudest professional achievement: Working at Alameda County's public health department and serve the underserved families.
  • How did you start with APHA/PHEHP: With APHA, it began when I was chosen as one of the travel scholarship recipients to attend APHA 2018 at San Jose, CA. And when I got, I first visited their stall, and a representative of PHEHP invited me to their social event
  • Who is your public health role model? It is Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris
  • What is your one piece of advice for students, early-career professionals, and transitioning public health professionals? To all public health advocates: Do not forget why you chose Public Health in the first place and get yourself out there. For students like me, whether you're still an undergrad, you just started your master's program or finished doctorate level, do not be afraid to ask the people that you know that could lead you to the path that you want to take. Always have that heart that you are available to serve and ask what you can do to help.

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Health Policy Happenings & Advocacy Corner with Elaine

APHA Policy Action Institute — "All Hands on Deck: Improving Community Health"
Washington, D.C., Feb. 12, 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. EST

Health Practice Happenings

Connecting with Section Members

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