Every year we select a new team to lead our student and leadership teams. If you would like to join one of these committees, contact Section Chair Libby Richards for more information. The time commitment varies, but it generally does not exceed 4 hours of service per month. If you cannot commit right now, but would like to learn more you are welcome to join our conference calls.

For inquiries regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact Section Chair Libby Richards.

Membership Committee
Responsible for increasing Physical Activity Section membership. Do you have ideas on how to grow our membership, or how to retain existing members? Get involved and share your ideas with us!

Chair: Nichole Bowman-Glover

Policy Committee
Are you a policy expert? Are you intrigued by policy and would like to learn more about its role in advancing physical activity and health? This is the place for you! Every year we submit a proposal to APHA highlighting a physical activity policy priority. We also engage members as activists to support public health legislation.

Co-Chair: Cynthia Perry
Co-Chair: Robert Hill

Communications Committee
Responsible for all communication activities for the Physical Activity Section. If you like web editing, posting on social media, developing newsletters, or writing articles (i.e., op-ed’s, policy briefs, blogs, etc.), join our committee & share your expertise.

Chair: Vienna McLeod
Vice-Chair: Ronya Nassar

Program Planning Committee
Reviews physical activity abstract submissions to select poster, oral and panel presentations for the annual meeting.

Co-Chair: Carissa Smock
Co-Chair: Derek Herrmann
Vice Chair: Jacob Szeszulski

Awards Committee
Join the Awards Committee to help identify, nominate and present an award to outstanding student and professional leaders for their innovative physical activity projects.

Chair: Trisha Karr

Social Committee
Do you enjoy planning parties or get-togethers? Every year we plan a breakfast and dinner for our members to connect. We’d love to hear your ideas on how to host a fantastic event that will attract more members.

Chair: Jacob Szeszulski
Vice Chair: Derek Herrmann

Research Committee

The research committee is our newest committee and strives to collect information on the research outcomes (published manuscripts, oral or poster presentations) of our section and provide an update on the latest scientific advances realized by its members on a regular basis.

Chair: Noel Barengo
Vice Chair: Joseph Lightner

Student Committee:
Students, get involved and enjoy mentorship and leadership opportunities.

Chair/Liason: Aisha Bhimla
Vice Chair: Kevin Lanza