The Health Informatics Information Technology Section is honored to announce the following category of awards. Applicants are considered regardless of race, age, sex, creed, disability, national origin, or veterans’ status. All individuals must be members of APHA and the HIIT Section. APHA members may apply for these award(s), provided they are members of HIIT. Past recipients and those on the Awards Committee are not eligible for nomination.

The Mihail Roco Legacy Award for Emerging Technologies

The HIIT Section of APHA will recognize outstanding research and education achievements in the field of converging technologies with the “Mihail Roco Legacy Award for Emerging Technologies”.   Mihail Roco is the Chair of the U.S. National Science and Technology Council subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology, and is senior advisor for nanotechnology at the National Science Foundation. He is also the managing editor of the Journal of Nanoparticle Research.

The “Mihail Roco Legacy Award for Emerging Technologies” will be given for the following two categories:

  • Innovator of the Year for Emerging and Converging Technologies
  • Young Innovator of the Year for Emerging and Converging Technologies

The successful recipient(s) shall be active members of the APHA HIIT Section or of the academic community. Applications are ranked on the criterion of outstanding scientific, engineering and medical contributions (including discoveries, innovations and applications) to any combination of at least two of the following four science and technology domains: nanotechnology, biotechnology/biomedicine, information technology, and cognitive  technologies.


The Diane L. Adams, MD, MPH, CHS-III Founder’s Award for Outstanding Leadership

The Founder’s Award is a prestigious award and is named after our founder and first chair of the Health Informatics Information Technology Section, Diane L. Adams, MD, MPH, CHS-III. The Founder’s Award was established in 2014 to honor Dr. Adams for her initiative, dedicated leadership, vision and continued value in forming the HIIT Section. This award is given at the discretion of the HIIT Executive Board to a member for outstanding commitment, tireless in his/her service and support of the HIIT Section, dedicated leadership, and promotion of HIIT programs nationally.


2014 - Jeanette Jackson-Thompson, MHSA, PhD

2014 - Ruby Guillen, MSW, BICS


The Health Informatics Information Technology Section Exemplary Award for Leadership

This award recognizes individuals with leadership skills, as well as maintaining their achievement performance in HIIT. This individual has been an invaluable member and hardworking contributor to the success of the Section. The award recognizes exemplary performance in stakeholder engagement and partnership development, programming emphasizing HIT applications in promoting prevention, reducing disparities, and innovative research.


2010 - Sandra Worrell, MA

2011 - Christopher Williams, MPH, CPEHR, CPHIT

2012 - Polly Turner, DrPh. MPH, RPh

2013 - Brenda Leath, MHSA, PMP

2014 – Jiunn-Jye (JJ) Sheu, PhD, MSPH, MCHES


The Dr. Diane L. Adams Traveling Student Scholarship Award

This scholarship provides financial assistance to students who want to attend the APHA annual conference.  Students may apply to the HIIT awards committee to request scholarship resources that can be used to support registration, airfare, or hotel expenses. Students must be a member of APHA and HIIT. The Student Scholarship Award originally was established in 2011 and was subsequently renamed in honor of the HIIT Founder and Chair Emeritus’ name in 2014.


The Jay Bernhardt, PhD - Excellence in Student Leadership Award

Dr. Bernhardt is recognized internationally as a visionary leader, respected scholar, and innovative scientist in the application of communication, marketing, and media to public health, healthcare, and medicine. In his honor, the Jay Bernhardt Excellence in Student Leadership Award is given to students who excel in communications, information technology, informatics, and/or public health. The recipient must be a student member of APHA, with preference given to those who are also a member of the Health Informatics Information Technology Section.


2010 – Tracy Hilliard, PhD, MPH