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In our 30th anniversary year, members of the Disability Section of the American Public Health Association are celebrating our successes!

  • Almost 300 members
  • A yearly scientific program with over 100 presenters
  • Achievements and ongoing efforts to influence APHA to improve annual meeting access
  • Strong involvement of students, and mentoring efforts to support development of future leaders
  • An awards program whose awardees constitute a “who’s who” list in disability and health
  • Collaboration to develop the Disability and Health Journal

We have come a long way! But there is much more to be done to ensure the future growth and critical work of the Disability Section. Please consider a gift to help us continue our work to promote equity in health and the social determinants of health, support scholarships for students, and increase diversity and inclusion the field of public health.

A gift of $30 or more would celebrate each year of the Disability Section’s existence and support our continued success!

Make your tax-deductible online donation to the Disability Section

APHA is a 501c3 charitable organization and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

APHA’s Tax ID is 13-1628688.