Everett Hodge Community Center Children's Garden signWhat does planning have to do with health? The Plan4Health project — supported by APHA and the American Planning Association — brings together public health with planning professionals to improve communities' access to health and nutrition.

Coalitions across the country are tackling the problem of chronic diseases by finding new ways to improve access to physical activity opportunities and increase people's access to healthy food or beverage choices. In St. Louis, Missouri, for example, the Healthy Eating Active Living Partnership is working to reduce obesity by improving walking conditions. Check out this video about their creative, pop-up traffic calming demonstrations. The Trenton Healthy Communities Initiative in Trenton, New Jersey, is working to get a Health and Food Systems Element included in the city's master plan. And in New Hampshire, Plan4Health Nashua is looking to implement a Complete Streets policy and serve as a model for other communities throughout the state.

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Just as Plan4Health’s coalitions are anchored by APA chapters and APHA affiliates, the American Planning Association’s Planning and Community Health Center is partnering with APHA at the national level. This key partnership ensures the local work of coalitions is supported throughout the project period — and that the conversations, lessons learned, and experiences of towns and cities across the country are part of the national agenda to prevent chronic diseases.

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Plan4Health is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The American Planning Association’s Planning and Community Health Center is an awardee of the CDC’s National Implementation and Dissemination for Chronic Disease Prevention funding opportunity. Plan4Health is one community within the larger project — sharing lessons learned and expertise with the American Heart Association; the National Women, Infants, and Children; Society for Public Health Education; and Directors of Health Promotion and Education.

Peer Learning Network

The Peer Learning Network is designed to share experiences across Plan4Health coalitions and to connect communities interested in creating change at the intersection of planning and public health. It will be used to showcase the work of APHA and APA members and the work of their peers. The network is open to APA, APHA and Plan4Health coalition members, organizational partners, community leaders, professional allies and anyone passionate about creating vibrant, healthy places to live, work and play.

For more information, contact Melissa McNeily.

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