John C. Williams, DrPH, MPH, MBA


John WilliamsDr. John C. Williams, formerly Assistant Professor, joined the University of Kentucky College of Public Health faculty in 2008 following an extensive career in public health and healthcare administration. He received his MBA from the University of Saint Thomas, College of Business and his Doctorate from the University of Kentucky, College of Public Health. He was inducted into the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health in 2009. His scholarly interests focus on workforce development, public health policies, financial management, and systems thinking, modeling, and simulation.

Professionally, Dr. Williams has distinguished himself as a notable force in public health at the local, state, and national levels. He is a member of the American Public Health Association (APHA) and has served in multiple positions, including serving as Chair, Health Administration Section. During his tenure as chair, he created the very first AD HOC committee for Affiliates that became an official committee. Currently, Dr. Williams serve on the Inter-Sectional Committee and Steering Committee (ISC-SC) as a Section Liaison. He was appointed by the APHA Board of Directors to serve on for a three-year term. Additionally, he has served on the ASPH Global Health Core Competency Development Project and the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) DrPH Concept Identification and Specification Task Force. Additionally, he served on the Preparedness and Response Core Competency Development Project and was an item writer for the National Board of Public Health Examiner’s (NBPHE) 2012 National Certification in Public Health (CPH) Examination. During this same year, CDC invited Dr. Williams to serve as a Consultant for Program Evaluation, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention.

At the university level, Dr. Williams served on the University Senate Council and Academic Affairs Committee. In 2012, he joined the College of Health Sciences where he taught several undergraduate courses (e.g., Health Policy and Politics, Health Services Administration, Health Care Leadership, Health Financial Management, and System Thinking).

Candidate Statement

I am honored to have been selected by my peers, Health Administration Section, to campaign for a seat on APHA’s distinguished Executive Board. My official tenure with the Association began in 2007, the year first appointed as public health director/health officer of a health district. Since joining APHA, I have volunteered and dedicated my time, energy, and efforts in supporting, promoting and furthering its mission, goals, and values, respectively. I have served in several roles, including, Governing Councilor, Minority Whip, Section Councilor, Section Chair, Nominating Chair, and currently serve as a member of the Inter-Sectional Council and Steering Committee (ISC-SC). As Section Chair, we concentrated our efforts, successfully, on recruiting students and early career professionals, with a focus on engagement and retention; reached out to inactive members for reengagement; collaborated with APHA components (i.e., Sections, Affiliates, Forums, Student Assembly), and reached out to external groups to form alliances.

I am very interested in working with APHA and its BOARD MEMBERS in not only achieving, but exceeding current goals and priorities; work on policy development and guidelines to address emerging issues capable of affecting public health adversely; and work to grow membership. Other opportunities warranting attention and action include funding sources; member engagement and retention; and “grass root” efforts in addressing issues of global and local concerns.

Public health advocacy, when properly used, can be most effective at the legislative level for policy development and implementation. Another tool, holistic monitoring, which I have extensive experience (practice and research) has proven effective in strategic mapping for today’s issues.

My experience, practice and academic, has prepared and equipped me to effectively work in business environments to address threats and opportunities posed by today’s emerging issues. Other attributes which I consider myself adept are collaborating with diverse groups, both internal and external; critical thinking, forming new alliances, weighing competing interests in complex organizations, and active listening.

Again, I am honored to have been given the opportunity to explore how I might utilize my leadership experience, as an Executive Board member, in contributing to APHA’s growth and success.

Curriculum Vitae