Ryan C. Tingler, MPH

Student Assembly Chair

Ryan Tingler

Appointed November 2017
Term Ending: November 2018
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Ryan C. Tingler, MPH is currently a Research Project Manager at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. He received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health specializing in Global Health in 2014 as well as a Master of Public Health specializing in Social and Behavioral Sciences in 2016 from Kent State University. Ryan's research interests include using a community-based participatory research approach to focus on HIV prevention and LGBT health inequities in local, national, and global settings. His research experience has concentrated on the experiences of discrimination and the priorities of well-being among the LGBTQ+ community in Ohio and Puerto Rico. Additionally, his research has focused on the behavioral acceptability and adherence of the use of innovative microbicides intended for to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV.

Ryan has been actively involved in APHA since 2013. He began his involvement as a Campus Liaison at Kent State University for two years’ prior becoming the National Student Meeting Co-Chair for the 2015 and 2016 Annual Meetings and Chair-Elect from 2016-2017. As Chair-Elect, he also served on the Inter-Sectional Council Steering Committee as the student representative and served on several workgroups to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the sections and of APHA. As Chair of the Student Assembly, Ryan hopes to bring greater value to the student membership by providing opportunities for students to get involved with APHA, creating more networking opportunities with health professionals, and by offering more professional development opportunities through webinars and events.