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Elected November 2013
Term Ending: November 2017
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I was born in Detroit and moved to Southern California when I was 8. My public health career began after receiving my master's in psychology (Pepperdine University) when I moved to Kykotsmovi, Ariz., to work for the Hopi Health Professions Development Program (HCUP workforce pipeline program). I met my future husband on the reservation. I left Hopi to obtain a doctorate degree at the Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health (Bloomberg School), joined APHA, and then ventured on to the Texas Department of Human Resources - Medicaid policy alternatives analysis, where I also led early training for employees on HIV/AIDS early in the epidemic.

From the public sector I moved to the private health care sector  - a major change in career direction. I worked for Scott and White Health Care (S&W), creating a new Department of Community Research and Program Development that, among other things, was the community benefits arm for this integrated delivery system. State community benefits legislation in the '90s led us to form, and me to lead, the Central Texas Partners in Health, a collaboration of local public health, elected officials, higher education, three non-profit hospitals, the VA, and a major military hospital working together on needs assessment, community benefits plans and budgets. With a faculty appointment in medicine, I was part of the Texas A&M University and S&W team that helped create the School of Rural Public Health and was subsequently part of the creative team in SRPH for Rural Healthy People 2010.

I joined the National Rural Health Association in which I served a rare two-year presidency just before moving to West Virginia to become director of community research in the WV Institute for Health Care Policy at WVU. I conducted research on uninsured, organized town halls with rural communities across the state and led a Statewide Oral Health Task Force.

Finally, 2007, and on to Florida as Professor and Director of Florida Blue Center for Rural Health Research and Policy at FSU College of Medicine - more research, education, advocacy, mobilization of workforce, along with Chair, Government Affairs Committee, FRHA; Chair, Journal of Rural Health Editorial Board; APHA Chair of Medical Care Section, ISC-SC Chair. The beat goes on.