Networking and Social Media

You’ve been asking your friends, coworkers and family to pass your name along at work. You’ve tried reaching out to new job connections via social media. You’ve met with a few people for informational interviews but nothing is working. Sound familiar? The problem may be that your networking strategy isn't working for you. Instead of walking blindly into networking, consider what you might be doing wrong and some ways to improve your networking strategies, says Kristen Wishon, a blogger for a human resources website, Come Recommended.

Social media is a hotbed of networking possibilities. If you’re not using LinkedIn to make new connections, you should start now. The Volunteer Experience & Causes section allows professionals to display their charitable and volunteer work experiences, referencing specific organizations, which is a great way for potential employer to see the kind of work you can do. LinkedIn isn’t the only great place to find new connections. 

Twitter can also be used to find jobs. Start following public health professionals and companies that you’re interested in. You’ll soon figure out who are industry leaders. These are the people you should try to engage with, by sharing content, participating in Twitter chats and building relationships.

LinkedIn is a great way to learn about your connections. Utilize your connections with past coworkers and bosses, your school’s alumni and friends to network with new companies. However, the true issue might be that you’re trying to network out of your league. While it’s great to try to connect with the CEO or vice president of a company, aim your sights a little lower first.

More tips on networking:

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