What is a late-breaker?

A late-breaker is a proposed policy statement that is related directly to events that occur after the regular policy statement proposal submission deadline has passed. All late-breakers should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than the deadline indicated on the Policy Statement Development and Review Calendar. Late-breakers are reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Emergent event: Does the evidence/arguments represent a development since this year’s policy statement deadline (in February)?
  • Necessity: Does APHA have an existing policy statement that already addresses the issue?
  • Utility: Are the action steps in the proposed policy statement directly related to, and appropriate for addressing the issue/ problem outlined in the policy statement?
  • Format: Late-breakers are held to the same format guidelines as other policy statements. For more information on policy statement format, check out the  APHA Proposed Policy Statement Submission Guidelines.

Late-breaker submission

Late-breaker proposed policy statement for 2022 must be submitted to by 11:59 p.m. ET on Oct. 17, 2022.

When submitting a late-breaker proposal, authors must complete and attach:

  1. 250-word cover letter explaining rationale for why proposed policy statement qualifies as a late-breaker, addressing, in particular, the relevance and utility of the proposal
  2. Policy Statement Proposal Checklist (Word file)
  3. Author Disclosure Statement (Word file) for each author
  4. Sponsorship and/or Endorsement Letters (if applicable)

Review Timeline

  1. During the week prior to the Annual Meeting, JPC co-chairs will review late-breakers based on above criteria to determine eligibility.
  2. Authors will be notified prior to the Annual Meeting if the late-breaker is accepted. If the late-breaker is accepted, authors will be informed of the public hearing date, time and location (Public Hearings will be held virtually November 1 and 2, 2022).
  3. Following the public hearing, late-breakers will be reviewed with other policy statements during the JPC executive session (closed) on the Sunday of the Annual Meeting. This session will result in a recommendation to the Governing Council.
  4. The Governing Council will vote on all proposed policy statements, including late-breakers during their Tuesday meeting.
  5. Approved late-breaker policy statements will be considered valid, but interim for one year. Late-breaker policy statement authors will need to revise, update, and resubmit their policy statements to the standard proposed policy statement review process by the February deadline the following year. Late-breaker policy statements will be subject to full review and reaffirmation in the next annual policy statement development cycle. If the late-breaker is not resubmitted, it will expire after one year.