Policy Statement Development Process

The policy statement development process is how APHA addresses external policy matters. It is intended solely to develop recommendations for the policy guidance of others.

These guidelines, adopted by the Governing Council, are to give direction to the Association's policy statement development process by setting forth principles to govern, and outlining procedures to guide, the coordinated participation of all parties. The Executive Board is charged to monitor operation of the policy statement development process, to assure adherence to the principles set forth here and to report any procedural modifications adopted to facilitate the development of more valid public policy for APHA. The Joint Policy Committee is charged with overseeing the annual policy statement development process. Note: Only APHA members may submit proposed policy statements.

Explore these resources to learn more about the policy statement development process:

About the Joint Policy Committee (PDF)

Policy Statement Development Process Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Author Guidelines (PDF)

Proposed Policy Statement Evaluation Criteria (PDF)

How APHA policy statements are developed (a Public Health Newswire Q & A)

APHA Policy Statement Development Process (webinar presented by APHA Joint Policy Committee co-chairs)



2022 Policy Statement Development and Review Calendar (PDF)

2022 Policy Statement Gaps (PDF)


2023 Policy Statement Development Calendar (PDF)

2023 Policy Statement Gaps (PDF)




The deadline for submissions into the regular 2022 proposed policy statement review cycle had closed. The deadline to submit late-breaker proposed policy statements for 2022 is October 17th. Please click here for more information.


For review in the 2023 cycle, proposed policy statements must be submitted to policy@apha.org by 11:59 p.m. ET on Feb. 13, 2023.

When submitting a proposal, authors MUST complete and attach:

  1. Policy Statement Proposal Checklist (Word file)
  2. Author Disclosure Statement (Word file) for each author
  3. Sponsorship, Collaborating and/or Endorsement Letters* (if applicable)

All supporting documents must be provided at the time of submission to be considered in the review process. Late proposals WILL NOT be accepted. (*Endorsements may continue to be obtained throughout the policy statement development process. Those received following initial submission in February should be sent directly to policy@apha.org)

Questions about the policy statement development process? Email us.