Roundtable Session Guidelines

Due to physical distance requirements and space limitations, all roundtable sessions will be virtual at APHA 2021. Your presentation will be part of a session (generally with 10 presentations) focused on a common theme or topic. There are two components to virtual roundtables:

  1. A pre-recorded presentation of your work available for on-demand viewing.
  2. A live virtual session when you and the other roundtable presenters in your session will do a lighting presentation and then take questions from the audience.

Basic Details

  • Roundtable presenters must be individual members of APHA and register for the Annual Meeting (full or one-day) by Sept. 24.
  • Roundtables will be conducted live utilizing the Zoom Platform. View our tips for presenting in Zoom
  • All roundtables will be scheduled during the midday breaks on Monday and Tuesday.
  • All sessions are scheduled in Mountain Time (MT).
  • Roundtable sessions are 75 minutes long. During that time, you will move to a breakout room to present your work to a smaller audience. After Q&A, the attendees will move to a new breakout room, and you will give your presentation again to a new group of attendees. See breakdown below.

User Portal

Your User Portal is the place to find all the sessions and abstracts you may be associated with, whether you are a speaker, author or moderator. From the User Portal, you can access your Speakers' Corner for each abstract you are associated with. In the Speaker’s Corner you can find basic information and do the following:  

  • Add, delete and change author/presenter information
  • Withdraw your presentation
  • Download a presenter letter
  • Uploaded your pre-recorded presentation — DUE Oct. 12
  • Upload your bio — DUE Oct. 18
  • Upload handouts that will become a permanent part of the Virtual Meeting Platform. If you upload PDFs, please make sure they are readable PDFs for attendees who use a screen reader.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

  • A pre-recorded presentation of your work should be uploaded to your Speakers’ Corner by Oct. 12. 
  • Your presentation should be 5-10 minutes long and uploaded as a MP4 or MOV file. Files should be no more than 100 MB. 
  • PowerPoint Presentations should conform to the preferred 16:9 format (wide screen). 
  • Always use a contrasting background (white text on dark background or dark text on a light background). 
  • Use sans serif fonts such as Calibri or Arial.  
  • There are a variety of platforms available for recording your presentation with or without video. Detailed recording instructions can be found in your Speakers' Corner. 
  • While we do not recommend a specific tool for recording, we do suggest using an option that includes a video of yourself.   
  • The APHA Disability Section has developed additional information to assist you in developing an accessible presentation.

Live Virtual Sessions

  • Live virtual presentations are during the mid-day breaks on Monday and Tuesday. The date and time of your virtual presentation can be found in your Speakers’ Corner.
  • Virtual sessions will be held in Zoom. View our tips for presenting in Zoom.
  • Join your session 20 minutes in advance to test your video and microphone and to meet with the moderator and other panelists. 
  • To access your session, log in to the Virtual Meeting Platform with the email you used to register and your registration ID number. 
  • Roundtable sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes.
  • A moderator and a co-host will be assigned to manage your session. The moderator will introduce the topic area and speakers. 
  • Once the moderator has finished, the Zoom technician will open breakout rooms.  
    • Click on the breakout room button at the bottom of your Zoom window.  
    • Click on the Join button next to the Breakout Room assigned to you. 
    • Attendees will select which breakout room they want to join.
  • Once in your breakout room you will have 10 minutes to present your work. You may share your screen to show your PowerPoint Presentation or your pre-recorded video.
  • After your presentation there will be 15 minutes of conversation with the audience about your work. Encourage the attendees to turn on their video and microphones to start a dialogue. Or attendees can utilize the chat function to submit questions.
  • If the audience doesn’t have any direct questions right away, consider what questions you would ask of the audience.
  • At the end of your 15-minute conversation the technician will return everyone to the main room.
  • Once everyone is back in the main Zoom room, the technician will reopen the breakout rooms and you will return to your assigned breakout room to do your presentation again with a new set of attendees.
  • You will give your presentation twice in the 75-minute session.

Discussion Board

Each presenter will also have a “discussion board” function. If attendees have a question about your presentation, they will enter their question in the chat box and you will receive an email alerting you to respond. Please respond as quickly as possible. Presenters will have the ability to edit out questions and responses that are not appropriate. The discussion board conversations will remain a permanent part of the Virtual Meeting Platform until Jan. 31, 2022.