Oral Session Guidelines

Oral sessions provide an opportunity for several speakers to present their findings/papers in a formal setting. Individual abstracts are grouped with abstracts focusing on a similar topic to create an hour and a half session. In 2021, oral sessions will take place in-person and online. If you are unsure if your session is virtual or in-person, please check your Speakers’ Corner  

General Information (In-Person and Online) 

  • Presenters must be individual members of APHA and register for the Annual Meeting (full or one-day) by Sept. 24.
  • All sessions are scheduled in Mountain Time (MT).
  • All sessions are being recorded and will be available for on-demand viewing after the meeting. 
  • You will have 15 minutes to present your PowerPoint presentation. Do not go over your allotted presentation time. 
  • At the start of your presentation, verbally disclose whether you have any financial support or conflicts of interest to report. This is required for CE purposes. Use our template and instructions (PDF) for adding slides to your PowerPoint. 
  • Once all presentations are completed, there will be time for live Q&A.
  • The APHA Disability Section has developed additional information to assist you in developing an accessible presentation.
  • Videos used in presentations should be captioned to ensure access to people with disabilities. 
  • If you are using materials in your presentation (pictures, charts, graphs, video, etc.) that are not original work, seek permission from the original source and cite the source.

User Portal

Your User Portal is the place to find all the sessions and abstracts you may be associated with whether you are a speaker, author or moderator. From the User Portal, you can access your Speakers' Corner for each abstract you are associated with. In the Speaker’s Corner you can find basic information and do the following:

  • Change author/presenter information.
  • Withdraw your presentation.
  • Download a presenter letter.
  • Upload your bio — DUE Oct. 18
  • Upload your PowerPoint presentation (in-person only) — DUE Oct. 18
  • Upload handouts that will become a permanent part of the Virtual Meeting Platform. If you upload PDFs, please make sure they are readable PDFs for attendees who use a screen reader. Do not mail handouts directly to the convention center.

Guidelines for In-Person Presenters

  • PowerPoints should be set to 16:9 screen ratio.
  • You must upload your PowerPoint Presentation to your Speakers’ Corner by Oct. 18.
  • If you did not submit your presentation in advance or have changes to make to your previously submitted presentation, take a saved copy of your presentation and report directly to the Speaker Ready Room at least 16 hours before the start of the session.
  • If you miss the 16-hour deadline due to a tight travel schedule stop by the Speaker Ready Room as soon as possible to receive instructions on how to upload your presentation.
  • The computer in your session room will be pre-loaded with the presentations scheduled to take place in that specific meeting room. Follow these instructions for accessing your presentation.
  • A moderator will be assigned to manage your session and may reach out in advance to go over session expectations.
  • The moderator will start the session and introduce you and your fellow panelists. If there is no moderator, the first presenter should introduce themselves and start their presentation.
  • LCD projectors, computers and microphone are included in each scientific session room. If your presentation requires additional audio-visual equipment, please complete the attached AV Form (coming soon) and return by the deadline.
  • Internet access is not available in the meeting rooms.
  • APHA hires room monitors who are responsible for double-checking the room set-up and the audiovisual equipment prior to the start time of your session. If there is an issue, please find a room monitor who will escalate the issue to the appropriate person.
  • All presenters much wear face masks when not speaking.

Guidelines for Virtual Presenters

  • Virtual sessions will be held in Zoom. View our tips for presenting in Zoom.
  • A moderator and a co-host will be assigned to manage your session and should reach out in advance to go over the session script and expectations.
  • To access your session, log in to the Virtual Meeting Platform with the email you used to register and your registration ID number.
  • Join your session 20 minutes in advance to test your video and microphone and to meet with the moderator, co-host and other panelists.
  • Before the session begins, turn your microphone off to prevent any background noise for the other panelists.
  • The moderator will start the session and introduce you and your fellow panelists. If there is no moderator or co-host, the first presenter should introduce themselves and start their presentation.
  • Presenters should present in the order listed in the program.  If a presenter is a no-show, continue without that presenter.
  • When it is your turn to begin your presentation, turn on your microphone and video. Share your screen to display your PowerPoint presentation.
    • If you have trouble sharing your screen, and you provided a copy to your moderator in advance, you can ask the moderator to share your presentation for you.
    • Alternatively, be prepared to deliver your presentation without your PowerPoint in case you have technical difficulties.
  • When you’re finished with your presentation, click “Stop Share.” This will allow the next presenter to share their screen. Only one participant can share their screen at a time.
  • Q&A will be managed using the chat function in Zoom. The co-host will monitor the chat box during the session and will forward questions to the moderator. The moderator will repeat the question and indicate the presenter to whom it was addressed.
  • The moderator will close the session and share a final closing slide. As soon as the closing slide is shared, you may leave the meeting.

Discussion Board

Each presenter will also have a "discussion board" function. If attendees have a question about your presentation, they will enter their question in the chat box and you will receive an email alerting you to respond. Please respond as quickly as possible. Presenters will have the ability to edit out questions and responses that are not appropriate. The discussion board conversations will remain a permanent part of the Virtual Meeting Platform until Jan. 31, 2022.