Co-Host Guidelines

The co-host plays an important part of our Virtual Oral Sessions by assisting the session moderator and ensuring the session runs smoothly. Co-hosts will not be assigned for sessions held in-person

General Information

  • Co-hosts must be individual members of APHA and register for the Annual Meeting (full or one-day) by Sept. 24.
  • Virtual oral sessions will be live using the Zoom Platform. View our tips for presenting in Zoom.
  • Co-hosts will be made a co-host in Zoom's platform in order to have extra control in the event of an unruly participant (see responsibilities below).
  • All sessions are scheduled in Mountain Time (MT).
  • You will work directly with the moderator to run the session. Contact your program chair (PDF) with any questions about your session.
  • All sessions are being recorded and will be available for on-demand viewing after the meeting.

Co-Host Responsibilities

  • Act as backup to the Moderator if they don't show. Moderators will share their screen to display housekeeping slides and will show a presenter's PowerPoint if the presenter is having technical difficulty.  For more details, see the moderator guidelines.
    • One week prior to the meeting, ask the moderator for a copy of the session slide deck and presenters' PowerPoint presentations. 
  • Connect with the moderator prior to the meeting. 
    • The moderator will connect with you to confirm your participation and exchange contact information.  
    • Discuss how you want to manage questions from the audience. You can push questions to the moderator via a private zoom chat, Google docs, email or text. 
  • Join a pre-meeting planning call with the moderator and presenters to walk through the session and establish expectations.  
  • Monitor the chat box during the session to: 
    • identify appropriate questions for presenters and send them to the moderator. 
    • prevent attendees from disrupting the session. 
    • answer frequently asked logistical questions. 
  • In the event of Zoom bombing or inappropriate comments, be prepared to: 
    • Mute or unmute individual participants. 
    • Stop participant’s video. 
    • Remove attendees from the meeting. 
    • Mute controls for all participants. 

Day of Instructions

  • Log in to the Virtual Meeting Platform with the email you used to register and your registration ID number.
  • 20 minutes before your presentation, navigate to your session and click on the “Join Now” button to access your Zoom session.
  • When you join the meeting, your video and microphone will automatically be turned off. Turn your microphone and video on to test the functionality.
  • If a presenter or moderator is a no-show, be prepared to continue without him/her. Have presenters introduce themselves and proceed from one speaker to the next as originally scheduled (skipping any missing presenters). See sample run of show (PDF).
  • There will be approximately 15 minutes for Q&A. Moderator will remind attendees to enter their questions in the chat box and to indicate which speaker they are directing their question to.
  • Monitor the chat box for pertinent questions and send them to the moderator via the method you discussed in advance of the meeting.
  • If you experience technical difficulties, a Confex technician is assigned to your meeting. They will introduce themself before the session starts.

What to do if...

  • You can no longer co-host a session: Try to find someone to take your place and notify the moderator of your replacement, or let the moderator know that you cannot assist.
  • The moderator does not show up: You will step in as backup. Be sure to have copies of the housekeeping slides and presenters' PowerPoints as backup.
  • You are experiencing technical difficulties with the Zoom Platform: If you are experiencing technical difficulties and are in the Zoom Meeting, send a chat message. A Confex Meeting Professional is managing your event. You can also call 401-334-0220.