For Families

smiling mom and dad with young boyFamily-Friendly
Policies and Services 

Scientific Session Rooms
Supervised children are welcome in all areas of the conference. However, with regard to scientific sessions, if children begin to make noise, it’s critical that parents remove them from the room immediately so as not to disturb the session. Children 16 and younger can attend the meeting for free if accompanied by an adult parent or supervisor — no badge or pass is required. Children older than 16 who want to attend sessions should register for the meeting as students. Children must be under the control of their parents/supervisors at all times. If a spouse would like to attend one of your presentations, please contact us at, and this can be arranged. If you would like your spouse to accompany you to multiple sessions and events, you must register them as a guest. Guests cannot be public health professionals.

Public Health Expo
Due to safety and liability concerns, children are not permitted in the Exhibit Hall during set up or tear down. During show hours, children 16 and younger may enter the hall with a parent or adult supervisor at no cost. Children older than 16 must be registered. Children must be under the control of their parents/adult supervisors at all times.

smiling man holding babyChildcare Referral
While APHA no longer provides childcare services, we can help you arrange for in-hotel childcare services in the cities where we meet. Most cities also have locally based childcare agencies. APHA does not endorse or recommend any specific agencies.

Lactation Lounge
A privacy room for pumping and nursing mothers will be set up at the convention center and headquarters hotel. These rooms will have a refrigerator (to store milk), multiple power outlets, comfortable arm chairs, and draped tables and sanitizing wipes. In some cities, there are also a couple of nursing pods that are provided by the convention center. We will identify the location of the nursing pods and the lactation lounge in the mobile app and program.

Things to do at the Annual Meeting with your Family