Leadership/Contact Us

Chair: Robin Kimbrough-Melton

Chair-elect: Christopher Larrison

Immediate Past Chair: MaryJane Alexander

Secretary: Emily Holcomb

Treasurer: Thomas Kane

Section Councilors: Crystal L. Brandow, Leslie Bronner, Denalerie Johnson-Faniel, Wyatt Meriwether, John Pateña, Ashwini Tiwari

Governing Councilors: Mary Armstrong, Erica Hamilton, Ali Rivera, Stephanie Spohr, Jenna Van Draanen

Action Board Liaison: TBN

Student Assembly Liaison: Jodi Kutzner

Standing Committees:

Advocacy Co-Chairs: Christopher Larrison, Jennifer Magnabosco

Awards Chair: Jenna van Draanen

Communications Co-Chair: Ali Rivera, Wyatt Meriwether

  • APHA Connect Moderator: Emily Holcomb
  • Booth Coordinator: Ashwini Tiwari
  • Social Media Coordinator: Wyatt Meriwether
  • Web Editor: Crystal L. Brandow

Program Chair: Genevieve Graaf

Membership Chair: Ashwini Tiwari

Policy Chair: Jennifer Magnabosco

Ad Hoc Committees and Work Groups:

Climate Change and Mental Health Chair: Jennifer Magnabosco

Population Health Co-Chairs: John Pateña, Tom Kane, Crystal L. Brandow

Suicide Prevention Co-Chair: Wyatt Meriwether, Mary Jane Alexander

Contact the Mental Health Section

For leadership contact information, log into APHA Connect using your member credentials. You can also connect with us on social media:

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