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Our Section has committees, work groups and teams that help further our mission and bring aging issues to the attention of the public health community. Interested in learning more? Reach out to one of the members listed here.

Awards Committee (Co-Chairs):

Lesley Steinman, MSW, MPH; Reza Amini, MD, PhD, MPH; Omolola (Lola) Adepoju, PhD, MPH

Program Committee (Co-Chairs): 

Lan Doan, MPH, CPH, PhD; Rajasri Roy, PhD, MPH; Patricia Fletcher, PhD

Treasurer and Development Chair:

Mary Gallant, PhD, MPH

Policy Committee Chair: 

Lene Levy-Storms, PhD, MPH

Nominations Chair:

Steven Cohen, DrPH, MPH

Communications Chair:

Kimmy Moon, MPH

Social Media Coordinator:

Kimmy Moon, MPH

Newsletter Editors: 

Kimmy Moon, MPH; Gabriela Lazalde; Mina Raj, PhD

Member Spotlight Coordinator:

Bobbie Johannes, PhD, MPH

Website Editor:

Steven Cohen, DrPH, MPH

Section Booth Coordinator: 

Kimmy Moon, MPH

Fundraising Committee:

Mary Gallant, PhD, MPH; Roger Wong, PhD, MPH, MSW; Mary Mathis, DrPH, MPH

Section Social Committee: 

Bobbie Johannes, PhD, MPH

AJPH Editorial Board:

Aaron Guest, PhD, MPH, MSW

COVID-19 Workgroup Coordinator:

Lene Levy Storms, PhD, MPH