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APHA Press
Director of Publications: vacant
Interim Director: Ashell R. Alston
Deputy Interim Director: Brian Selzer
Senior Marketing Manager: David Hartogs
Book Production Editor: Maya Ribault
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American Journal of Public Health
Interim Deputy Director of Publications: Brian Selzer
Associate Production Editor, Senior: Mike Henry
Associate Production Editor, Junior: vacant
Subscriptions Manager: Vivian Tinsley
Production Coordinator: Aisha Jamil
Permissions and Reprints: Matt Neiderer
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The Nation's Health
Executive Editor: Michele Late
Senior Editor: Lindsey Wahowiak 
Subscriptions Manager: Vivian Tinsley
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Advertising Information
Director of Advertising: Ashell R. Alston
Publications Assistant: Eutha Mitchell

Communications Team
Daniel Greenberg
Embargo Dates, Press Review Copies
and Press Releases.
Kimberly Short
Book Review Copies (Copies of APHA Books for Journalists)

Graphic Design Team
Production and Graphic Design Manager: Alan Giarcanella
Graphic Designer: Mazin Abdelgader