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Obtain permission to use APHA material

How to Obtain Permission

Material published in the American Journal of Public Health and APHA Publications is covered by copyright held by the American Public Health Association (APHA) and may not be reproduced, distributed, displayed, republished, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of APHA. Permissions are extended for the first edition only. Subsequent editions will require a new permission. Adaptation of APHA material is prohibited. Reprints or E-prints must be purchased to distribute copies of a Journal article or other APHA publication.

Classroom Use

To request permission to photocopy Journal articles for classroom use, please contact the Academic Permission Services at Copyright Clearance Center.

General Permissions

For all other permissions, please e-mail While it is good practice to pursue permission requests several months ahead of when the material is needed, APHA is generally able to respond to requests within two weeks. Due to the APHA Annual Meeting, permissions may take longer to process in the fall. Urgent requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. To prevent delays, please provide all requested information.

Links and Abstracts

Linking to open AJPH articles (published over two years ago) or posting abstracts is permitted for educational purposes. A full citation must be given and APHA acknowledged as the copyright holder. For more recent papers, users will be directed to a pay-per-article and subscriber login screen to access the publication.

Unlimited PDFs and Open Links

To post a recent AJPH article (published within the last two years) on an open access site, an unlimited PDF or an open link may be purchased.


AJPH and APHA authors may use their own works in books and journal articles they are authoring or editing at no charge. AJPH authors may also reproduce their own published articles in their theses or dissertations at no charge. APHA must be acknowledged as the copyright holder in all instances, and a full citation line must be given. Authors must formally request permission from APHA prior to using their own material.

Nonexclusive Rights

APHA grants nonexclusive rights. Once the user purchases permission to use APHA material, APHA retains the right to use the material and to allow others to use it. The user may not grant permission to others to use APHA material.


APHA cannot grant permission for material it does not own. It is the user's responsibility to verify the sources of all material printed in APHA publications, especially where photographs, figures and tables are concerned, and to secure appropriate permissions whenever necessary.

To expedite your request, please provide us with the below information:


  1. Title of Journal article, APHA book, or other publication.
  2. All author last names and initials.
  3. Month and year of publication for Journal articles; year only for books.
  4. Page range of requested material.
  5. Figures or tables as referenced in the APHA publication.


  1. Media type: electronic, print, print and electronic.
  2. Media: brochure, pamphlet, or newsletter; CD ROM, DVD; textbook; book; e-Book; e-mail distribution; Extranet, Intranet, or Internet posting; fax distribution; journal; magazine; newspaper; presentation; radio or television story; other.
  3. Languages.
  4. Publisher of new work.
  5. Title and edition of new work.
  6. Anticipated republication date.
  7. Page count.
  8. Price of publications (print and electronic).
  9. Print run (number of copies).
  10. Circulation (North American; worldwide).
  11. Audience.


  1. Name, title, position, company, address, phone and e-mail.