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The NPHPSP instruments are valuable tools in identifying areas in a public health system that need system improvements.  Implementation of these standards should result in numerous benefits including:

  • Improving organizational and community communication and collaboration, by bringing partners to the same table.
  • Educating participants about public health and the interconnectedness of activities, which can lead to a higher appreciation and awareness of the many activities related to improving the public's health.
  • Strengthening the diverse network of partners within state and local public health systems, which can lead to more cohesion among partners, better coordination of activities and resources, and less duplication of services.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses that can be addressed in quality improvement efforts. Responses to the assssment can be tracked over time to identify system improvements or changes
  • Providing a benchmark for public health practice improvements, by setting a gold standard to which public health systems can aspire.
  • Establishing a baseline measure of public health performance


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